By now, we have all experienced the power of Car BrandingTransit media advertising has been very effective in influencing consumer behavior, consciously or subconsciously it has also been influencing our buying decisions. So without any doubt Transit media have done an extraordinary job.

Car Branding has been successful because of its Nature – Non-Static. Now the advertisers or brands need to scrutinize which Mode of Transit Media is Best for their Brand.

Car Branding – Important Points to Consider

  • Distance Covered – The more the number of Kilometres clocked the higher number of Captive Audience are reached
  • Reach – Where all your Mode of Transit is able to Touch Base – Airports, Malls, Business Centres, Gated Communities, Railway station, etc.., All the Major Junctions Covered
  • Brand Placement – advertisers must also consider in which form of transit is their Brand Carried, Is it Premium?
  • Creative Space – The Media Space has 1 simple Rule – The Larger the Better
  • Maintenance of the Creative – it’s a nightmare for advertisers if their Creative is Damaged– Is someone taking its responsibility?

There are the Majority of the advertisers who believe Outdoor Branding is the Ultimate need for any Brand, yet we have a set of advertisers who believe in Digital Branding alone.


Now Digital Enthusiasts Advertisers also have an opportunity to experience the Combination of Car Branding + Digital. This Combo will make it the Most Premium Digital Platform and will outrank any other Digital Platform – BRANDING ON OLA PRIME CAR and OLA APP.

FAQs by Digital Enthusiast Advertisers

  1. Will I be able to Target my Captive Audience with the Brand Parameters & Guideline?
  2. Will I be able to specify to whom my Branding is displayed – Location, Time, Gender, Income Level, ios / Android users, Frequent Fliers, Outstation travelers, Premium Apartments, College students, Working Professionals and what not!!

The answer is – YES, YOU CAN!

Bonus!! Unlike other digital platforms, you don’t have to worry about your Captive Audience getting bombarded with 100’s ads of your competitors. Ola offers a limited number of Slots to a Limited number of Brands – Making your Branding Unique.

Combination of Car Branding and Ola Prime/ App Branding will be the most ultimate option for any advertisers. Making it multiple touchpoints.

Picturize this: You book an Ola Cab in the Ola App your Branding is displayed, your ride arrives with Car Branding, you are seated in the Cab and your ad is been played on the Ola Play Tab. Making it a complete 360-degree Transit Media Plan.

Make the most of your Transit Media – by optimizing your Media Planning and Buying.

BrandonWheelz (BWZ) also offers Car branding (Internal, external, On the Top), TATA Ace Goods Vehicle branding, Daalchini Kiosk branding, Swiggy In-app digital ads & specially curated campaigns depending on brands objective & budget.



Clearly, Life as a whole for each one of us will change A.C (After Covid ) Lockdown is lifted. Priorities & Lifestyle is expected to change. The global forced lockdown during the Covid crisis has made bizarre yet relevant thoughts to people – Example: “Why would I fly down to Delhi from Bangalore for 1 meeting & spend nothing less than INR 20,000/- for that trip, rather I could do the same 1 meeting via Video Conference, imagine the time & money saved & the Traffic ufff…!!”

This Pandemic has taught the entire human race on What Fear is, what it is to be stripped off from your freedom to even walk around out of your home !! & People have been so glued into the Covid related death rates, lockdowns, economic disasters, employment & mere survivability that most of us have totally forgotten the best advertising campaign we saw B.C (Before Covid).

It is important for Brands to be on top of people’s minds. Brand Recall plays a vital role in getting more customers to stick with your brand as well as to buy your brand repeatedly. In simple terms, brand recall is a qualitative measure of the consumer’s ability to remember the name of a brand. It is a component of brand awareness that measures the spontaneous recall of the brand from memory when the customer is prompted by the product category to make a decision for purchase.

Irrespective of whether your Brand was able to run the most successful Marketing Campaign or no matter how many awards or accolades the Brand achieved for a fabulous advertisement B.C (Before Covid) – is now either out or grim in Consumer’s mind. It is of Paramount importance to elevate Brand Recall to remind your consumers & to Stay Fresh in their minds. Few suggestions:

  1. Relaunch your most successful Ad campaign of B.C (Before Covid) period, once again A.C (After Covid) lockdown. (Make it even more better this time)
  2. Re-visit the Planned Marketing Campaigns of B.C Period, your team must have put a lot of energy & research in chalking out that plan, Tweak them/Modify them to suit the situation of A.C period
  3. Marketing budgets in some cases might be a constraint, forcing you to re-evaluate the plans. In that case : re-negotiate the terms & rates with your Vendor. The Vendor as well would have dried up with no business in the last many months, they will be happy to do business with lesser margins.
  4. Come up with New Campaigns (Sure, you would have got some really cool ideas – Thanks to the Forced Lockdown period), Look for Cost-Effective platforms that can cover larger impressions/eyeballs at lower rates.
  5. Please do not mix up Brand Recall campaigns with Lead generation Campaigns. Both have their own purpose & objectives.
  6. Execute Fast, Brands have lost a lot of business, already

It’s a Comeback for all Brands and a Positive approach to the Future is the only Strong way out.

“It’s a Fresh Start and an opportunity to start it all over – one more time – only better, this time”

Make your Offline Campaings Super Effective with these Advertising tips

Make your Offline Campaings Super Effective with these Advertising tips

Offline advertising will always play a crucial role in the growth of a company, especially if most of the product portfolio consists of physical items. If you are looking for one of the most effective offline advertising channels, try car branding. Car Branding has one of the highest visibility and a single campaign can easily spread your message throughout the city for a period of time. With the advent of better tracking and measurement mechanisms, it is much easier to track campaign performance not only in the digital space but in offline advertising campaigns as well. And if a marketing campaign cannot be measured, it cannot be improved. Advertising can play a major part in the growth and survival of a company. Thus we believe in giving advertising tips to improve the effectiveness of your campaigns to improve your ROI.

To make your advertising campaigns more effective, try these advertising tips to increase your campaign effectiveness and get better Return on Investments, and ultimately make the whole campaign an astounding success. 

1. Blur the line between an offline and online advertising campaign

The gap between online and offline mediums are decreasing day by day. Why should your advertising campaigns be separated into offline and online advertising spaces? One of the best ways to measure the impact the effectiveness of advertising campaigns is by looking into the increase in website traffic in the locations where advertising campaigns are running. Most people visit the website of the brand when they view an offline advertisement which interests them. Thus it is optimal to run your offline and online advertising campaigns simultaneously and interconnect the two as much as possible.

2. Call to Action to Track Conversions

Despite huge technological progress in offline advertising space, it is still comparatively difficult to connect Conversions with offline advertising campaigns. One of the best ways is to go about it is to directly include a Call to Action in the ad copy. Call to actions gives audiences an immediate step for them to take to go into the next marketing stage without them requiring to put any effort into searching for it. This also helps directly measuring the effectiveness of offline advertising campaigns if the tracking code which you are using is unique.

3. A/B Test your Creatives

AB test offline advertising campaigns

A/B testing was borne out of online advertising to measure the effectiveness of two ad copies, creatives or web pages simultaneously by splitting the traffic into two halves. You can also try these out with your offline advertising campaigns by using two different creatives and split them according to locality and track their effectiveness. 

4. Measure the right metrics, one of the most ignored advertising tips

Measuring the right metrics is not only important to assess the performance of your marketing campaign but is crucial for the success of the campaigns itself. By selecting the right metrics you will not only gain insights into what is working or not but will enable you to make the right decisions at the nick of time to grab an opportunity or prevent losses from a failing strategy.

5. Simplify the Ad Creative and Copy

You might feel it is important to display as many benefits as possible in the ad copy and creative to make your audience see the importance of your brand and product. But it just makes your ads less attractive to the onlookers. Beauty in simplicity is especially true when it comes to advertisement. Just list the most important benefits of your product and design your advertisement around it. It is sure to grab the attention of your audience by their eyeballs! Read our article on semiotic analysis to have a better understanding of how to create effective advertisements with less information.

make effective car campaigns with these advertising tips

If you are looking for a sure shot way to make your advertising campaign a success, try Car advertising from BrandOnWheelz. No matter who your target audience is or your marketing goals are, you can effectively target with car advertising. If you would like to know more about our services or products, we would like to hear from you at 9066774457 or send an email to

Advertising tips

Hyderabad Bans Hoardings For 2 Months – Car advertising to the Rescue

Hyderabad Bans Hoardings For 2 Months – Car advertising to the Rescue

“Keeping in mind the past incidents of hoardings, and unipoles collapsing during rains and gusty winds and causing deaths, Hyderabad Bans Hoardings for 2 months — from June 15 to August 15.”

Following is the snippet from the Times Of India Article: Read it here.

So what do brands do now that Hoardings are banned for 2 months – We just seem to have a perfect solution for you :

Car Advertising is here for you!

We would like to share 3 compelling reasons why this is the right time for you to jump into the Car Advertising Market- 

1. Hyderabad Bans Hoardings – “Right time to try out a different form of Advertising & Dominate the Situation”

Every Time something was banned the opportunity takers figure out a way to make use of the situation & turn it in their favor. Well, this is your chance to take this ban as an opportunity & do something different than others haven’t thought of.  Just Imagine – You go off on roads & all your competitors are just waiting for this ban to be lifted But your brand is just traveling every single part of Hyderabad – Increasing your sales & getting you millions of Impressions every day.

2. Car Branding is not Static Like Hoardings: 

The best part about car branding is that your brand is not always in one place. A car billboard is different in comparison to traditional hoardings because it is traveling all the time. Hence car advertising more impressions and even a better conversion rate.

This is one of the most compelling reasons to shift to car branding right away as hoardings just sit at one place the whole time – while the car billboard travels to every nook & corner of the city & promotes your brand in every street. So-  “why limit yourself to just one certain place – When the whole city is yours”

3. Worst Part About OOH Advertising is that You Can’t track the Impact – With BrandOnWheelz – You are able to track every single movement of your brand.

Everyone who is into OOH advertising knows that they will never have clarity on the Impact of the Marketing Campaign. We at BrandOnWheelz have understood your problem & have found just a perfect solution for you:

With Real-Time location tracking – Now you’re able to track your brand anytime & every time & get accurate data of where all your brand has traveled.

So we have told you the three compelling reasons why you should shift to car branding right away. We just want to remind you one thing – 


If you are a brand based out of India and you want to advertise your brand to a large set of audience and have a “wow” effect at the same time, then there is nothing better than Car Advertising.


BrandOnWheelz is a leading ad agency for car advertising and we are the only company that guarantees you “Highest Brand Visibility” and Real-Time Location Tracking.


Visit: BrandOnWheelz – India’s Largest Car Advertising Company or call us at- +91-9066774457

If you want the best In Industry Car Advertising, Don’t forget to check us out.


Improve your Marketing Efforts with Car Advertising

Improve your Marketing Efforts with Car Advertising

Car Advertising is often grouped up with other kinds of offline advertising. This is Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could just create an advertising campaign which is guaranteed to generate millions of impressions like TV and Radio ads, would spread throughout your target area without going through the trouble of actually physically placing it, like pamphlet advertisement, and cost the same irrespective of the popularity of the location, unlike billboard ads?

And guess what, Car Advertising provides you with all those things! Your solution to effective marketing campaigns with guaranteed impressions throughout your target area.

Car Advertising has some inherent advantages that help you make that special connection with your customers. Our clients have seen tangible results on their car advertisements and are more than happy to conduct further marketing campaigns with us.

And not without reason. We list out 7 key reasons on why car branding is different and is a very powerful form of advertisement that will help you connect with your audience:

1. Get your ad to popular Locations with minimal cost

Get Close to your Audience 2

Advertising at locations where people gather always costs a premium. And why wouldn’t it? It is an easy way to gather impressions and display brand messages. Eyeballs are everywhere and most are likely to fall on your ad board. There is a huge competition among advertisers for such locations, namely marketplaces, tourist spots, malls, and would cost a large part of your marketing budget to put your ads in such places.

Car Advertising provides you with a way to bypass such hassles at a minimal cost. Think about it. Most people are likely to use cab services to get to such locations. Cab services with your advertisements on them. You wouldn’t have to pay any premium, but still, your ad would be seen among others that have paid an extra amount to be displayed there.

2. Close to your Customers with Car Advertising

What’s better than getting millions of impressions at minimal cost? Getting impressions that matter. With car advertisements, you will get that too.

In today’s world, the advent of cab aggregators has made cars an increasingly integral part of your customer’s daily lives. Whether it be visiting relatives, exploring new locations, shopping or just daily commute, cabs are the most preferred means of transportation.

This provides the double advantage of getting involved in the daily lives of customers as well as your ads being displayed in various locales such as residential areas and office spaces, where it is very difficult to penetrate with any other form of offline advertising.

Get Close to your Audience 1

3. It’s Car Branding (but also a Static Billboard, in a sense)

Your ad will be equally visible in a moving car as well as when it is stationary. So when cabs with your ads are on a standstill, it acts as a static billboard. And more often than not, many cabs take a stop at very popular locations at a city to increase the chance of getting their next ride. Increasing the likelihood of your ads being seen by many people.

4. Impressions are a Foregone Conclusion

No longer do you have to worry about getting impressions for your ads. Cars revolve around people and their lives, and it is a foregone conclusion that your car ads would at least get a million impressions.

When you work with us, you can put your full focus on converting this flood of impressions into sales. And put aside the plan of getting enough impressions.out of your marketing white paper.

5. Car Advertising completely covers your target city

Car Branding does not have the problem of distribution. With other forms of offline advertising, such as pamphlets and billboards, it is often difficult to reach out to the whole city. With many moving parts, the task becomes more complex to execute and monitor.

As you can imagine, there are no such issues with car advertising. Your ads will automatically be shown around the city when cars are riding their customers to their destinations. Including hard to reach places like residential areas and office areas as well as popular locations such as malls, marketplaces, airports, railway stations and bus stops.

6. Not easy to Ignore

Advertisements by nature are designed to be noticed. Most marketers work extremely hard to make their advertisements stand out. To their credit, most ads are really beautiful and noticeable. And that is where the problem lies. There is a saturation of quality ads in the market competing for customer’s attention.

With car advertising, you can put aside the competition and be the only one vying for your customer’s attention. Almost 86% of the car advertisement viewers have completed reading everything in the advertisement.

7. Effective Analytics

Okay, this is not necessarily an advantage in car advertising unless such facilities are provided, which we do. In this age of digital analytics, tracking the performance of offline advertising channels has always been comparatively difficult. But there are many ways through which offline advertisements still has many advantages over their online marketing counterparts. If you are interested, you can read more on Offline advertising isn’t dead.

We provide a robust tracking system which provides a complete picture of where your ads have been, as well as the overall performance of your ads. Comparatively, it is hard to provide such analysis in other kinds of offline advertisements, because they are difficult to track and measure.

Get Close to your Audience 3


We provide a robust tracking system which provides a complete picture of where your ads have been, as well as the overall performance of your ads. Comparatively, it is hard to provide such analysis in other kinds of offline advertisements, because they are difficult to track and measure.

If you would like to know more about car advertising, you can give a call to 9066774457 or write to us at Begin your car advertising journey with BrandOnWheelz, most trusted car advertising company in India.

Offline Advertising isn’t Dead

Offline Advertising isn’t Dead

Offline Advertising

Offline Advertising

The Rise of Digital Marketing

The rise of digital medium has affected most aspects of our lives, it is no wonder that everyone wants to capture a piece of this shiny new opportunity. And they are not wrong, digital marketing is indeed powerful and most of us have largely benefited from it. There are tons of channels which digital marketing has opened up for marketers to connect with their customers. But alongside this narrative, a notion has developed that digital marketing will replace the traditional form of offline marketing. Which is true, but only to an extent.

The decline of traditional marketing, statista graph

What digital marketing lacks

We agree, we too have benefitted from this relatively new form of marketing medium. Having a digital strategy has helped us greatly complement our overall marketing strategy. But unfortunately, it isn’t the magic pill that everyone believes it to be. While there are many voices and champions supporting the advent of the digital revolution, we would like to put forth some points that offline marketing still has some legs to stand on which can’t be replaced by digital marketing for a long time to come. Here are some of the things we believe the traditional form of marketing still trumps over the digital medium and in some cases, by several degrees.

 1. People don’t spend their lives inside their mobiles

Though it might surprise some, it is indeed a fact that people don’t spend their lives inside their mobiles. According to statistics, an average adult in a developed country (significantly less in developing countries) spends around 5.9 hours looking at their mobile phones, though high, it still accounts for just 30% of their waking hours. Leaving plenty of time to influence your customers through offline means.   

 2. Harder to build offline brands with just online advertising

With the exception of e-commerce websites, people primarily visit websites and apps to consume content. To make a lasting impression on them, your ad must compete with the content for which they are on the website for, which as an increasingly difficult thing to pull off. Building a significant offline presence can go a long way toward building your brand and having that personal connection with your customers.

3. Competition for Eyeballs

In digital marketing, you have to compete for digital spaces and eyeballs with companies from all over the world and from across the industries. Even with a success leading to a high impression rate, it is not a guarantee that viewers would have paid any particular attention to your advertisement. This is a particular concern with digital advertising, where most people consider your advertisement as a necessary evil to get their desired content for free rather than something which would add value to their lives or business.

 4. Easy to block you off

Adblockers are popular and are here to stay for a long time to come. Though adblockers don’t directly affect the revenue of the advertisers as it does to the content creators. They do contribute to the loss in the opportunity to make an impression on your potential customers. With offline marketing, there are no such issues and you are ensured of the required impressions of your targeted audience.

 5. Appealing to more senses

One often ignored fact in digital vs offline debate is the fact that there are limitations in the number of senses digital medium can engage. Digital marketers must work towards maximising their visual and rarely auditory impact to create the necessary impression on the minds of their target audience. With offline advertisement, marketers have much more freedom and options to make such a lasting impact on the minds of their target audience.


Like all things, Traditional Marketing is evolving

Despite all the points listed out, we can’t deny that digital marketing is eating into offline marketing. But we often make the mistake of clubbing all offline marketing in a single basket. In other words, digital marketing is replacing only those kinds of advertising whose industries are being replaced by the digital space itself. Television advertisement and newspaper advertisements budgets are getting eaten by digital marketing because viewers are migrating from these spaces to online spaces. Essentially replacing the industries itself.

advertising trends 2019 1

Outdoor advertising Trend Graph by PressOn

Outdoor Advertising is far from dead. In fact, it is evolving and expanding to include new avenues and spaces. Experiential Marketing is beginning to see a new vigour and growth by combining with technology, which has a higher Return on Investment than even high performing digital marketing channels such as Email Marketing and Social Media. When you think of outdoor advertisement, billboard advertisement might be the first thing that comes to your mind, but even this space is witnessing a revolution.


Ridesharing apps such as Ola, Uber and Bounce have seen tremendous growth which has led to a significant number of cabs and scooter throughout the urban areas in the country. To capitalise on such a large amount of visible marketing estate, they started selling these spaces to advertisers to showcase their brands. For Ola car advertisement and Uber brand advertisement, you can contact BrandOnWheelz, India’s most Trusted Car Advertising Company.



To reach out to people, Brands need to leverage various marketing channels and understand the best way to engage with them. For some, focusing solely on digital advertising channel might be the right move. But often, companies see their competitors take over by focusing on the wrong channels and spending a significant amount of time and money to make little impact on the market. Outdoor Marketing is far from dead, for some it might the best channel to market and engage with their customers. Digital Marketing is among the future, not the future.