Car Branding

What is Car Branding?

One of the Most Dynamic Media in OOH Advertising is undoubtedly Car Branding.

What is Car advertisement and Why is it considered the Most Dynamic Media?

In the Advertising world – OOH is the lifeblood for any Brand.

  • Established Brands use OOH Advertising to maintain its leadership position in the market.
  • Upcoming brands use OOH advertising to acquire the market in new territory.

Among all the OOH Advertising options, Brands need to make an optimal media buying portfolio. And Car Branding will acquire a major share of their portfolio.

Reason – Non-Static Nature of the Media makes Car Branding the Most Dynamic Non Traditional media option.

Points to Consider –

  • Your Brand Travels with you – Both, you as well as Brand being Non-Static can reach a bigger captive audience
  • Reaches multiple hotspots – Airports, Malls, Business Centres, Gated Communities, Railway station, etc
  • Readable communication – Eye-level branding is always more effective and impactful
  • No Competitor ads – Each dedicated car carries your brand alone
  • Stand out of the crowd – Non-Traditional in nature will grab quicker attention
  • Brand Recall – the higher number of times you branding is visible higher the brand recall
  • Low Cost – captive audience impression is way cheaper than any form of Branding
  • Easy to track – GPS enabled feature and prompt campaign images report
  • Easy maintenance – Each car branding is taken care of personally by the car owner
  • Premium transit media space – placement of your brand on cars which cost lakhs together will make your brand positioning at its best

Car Advertisement has been successfully used by small to large businesses to ensure their marketing messages and advertisements reach their captive audience at the most economical rates.

At BrandOnWheelz, we don’t just do the job – we succeed. With the Highest Outdoor Brand Visibility Guarantee by us, we want to differentiate you from the competition and help you stand out like the star you truly are.

BrandOnWheelz provide the following car advertisement media options

Outside Car Branding

  • Side panel branding
  • Boot Space Branding
  • Rear windshield branding
  • Digital top branding

Inside Car Branding

  • Dangler advertisement
  • Digital screen advertisement
  • Product Placement
  • Sample Distribution

Make the most of your Car Branding – by optimizing your Media Planning.

Happy Media Buying!!!

Thank you!!

Car Branding with Ola Car


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We believe in the power of Transit media & Out of the Box Marketing. Our comprehensive Advertising Agency specializes in Transit media


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