Why should anyone go for Taxi Branding? Taxi Advertising is an Advertising platform that is used for placement of Ads Inside & Outside the Cabs in your locality. Customers who use taxis have a very high-profile customers that would be the right target audience for any brand that is looking to Increase the reach of the brand & reach their goal with Car Branding. Our Advertising medium have a cost-effective pricing when it compared to any other form of advertisement that is currently available in the market when compared to Television Branding, News Paper, Flight Advertising, Digital Advertising, etc. Taxi Advertising is a very Influential form of advertising that catches people’s eyes real quick & because they are seeing the brand back to back on different cars around the city, they are likely to make a decision quickly which would Increase the sales & reach of the brand. Taxi ad is a powerful method of promotion. Due to the extraordinary perceivability and low costs to Advertise on Cabs. Taxi Advertising drives revenue and your target people in a financially savvy way. Cab branding are accessible in practically every city in the nation over and are an incredible way to boost the Brand. Measurements demonstrate that posting an ad on Car shows out and within the city, all showcases create high impressions requiring little to no effort. On account of congested driving conditions, a cutting edge client invests as much energy, if not more, in their vehicles as they do when compared to sitting in front of the TV or reading papers or surfing the web. This makes Taxi Car ads the best medium to achieve potential customers. BrandOnWheelz incorporates full Cab wrapping advertising, Taxi Car Back Panel Advertising, Taxi Side Panel Advertising and so forth.

Closer to your Audience

Enter places of everyday life (freeways, shopping centers, cinemas, beaches and events).

Guaranteed Impressions

It is guaranteed that a cab advertising campaign is going to garner you millions of impressions.

Analytical System

Control your car advertising campaign in real time (Impressions, heat maps, marketing KPIs).

Highest ROI

The bottom line that matters the most. Taxi Advertising provides you with Best ROI of any OOH Advertising.

Be The Best

The Best choose Taxi Advertising. Be among the Elite Brands that use our service for their Marketing Campaigns.

Stand out of the crowd

Great designs will make your car stand out of the crowd and you will have everyone looking at your car.

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Total Campaigns (KMs)

Presence in Cities

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Our Presence :

BrandOnWheelz has a presence in over 75+ cities in India.

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