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BrandOnWheelz made this a reality for O'cean Beverages!

“Bringing O'cean Beverages' vision to life on the bustling streets of Mumbai was a thrill ride! We're used to CGI magic in the digital world, but placing those towering O'cean bottles on taxis took things to a whole new level. It's not just about grabbing attention; it's about creating an immersive experience that people can touch, feel, and share. And seeing the city buzzing with excitement around this campaign is truly rewarding” - Mohammed Asghar, co -founder & CEO at Brandonwheelz.Read more.

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Brandonwheelz steers O’cean-branded taxis in Mumbai streets

O’cean Beverages, in partnership with transit advertising agency Brandonwheelz, launched an innovative campaign to the latest seasonal flavour 'Lively Lychee'. The campaign, named 'Spot The O’cean,' featured a towering, five-feet-tall O’cean bottle mounted atop private taxis that traversed the bustling streets of Mumbai. The spectacle unfolded as the O’cean-branded taxis made strategic stops in city college areas, leaving students awe-inspired by the colossal O’cean bottle. Read more.

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BrandonWheelz: Pioneers in Car Advertising Services

BrandonWheelz incredible journey commenced with seeking solution to two major situations- Striving techniques to capitalize the huge fleet of Taxi’s in the city and bringing in a transformation in an unorganized sector and drifting it into more organized sector coupled with lucrative job opportunities. This triggered them off to the launch a Car Advertising (Transit Media Advertising) agency which was anticipated to be a solution for all their issues and queries.Read more.


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