Pantaloons In-Shop Branding

In-Shop Branding

Pantaloons is the largest fashion retail company headquartered in Kurla, Mumbai. The rate of new store openings has increased from one every two months to one every two weeks. The brand is now present in 78 Indian cities/towns.

Source: Pantaloon

Benefits of Pantaloons In-Shop Branding

In-Shop advertisement is one of the most innovative and powerful platforms for advertising your brand. About 30 thousand people who are brand conscious and are ready to spend money, visiting pantaloons stores per day. The chance of your brand reaching out to potential customers increases. Therefore branding in a shop has become a very feasible and wise option to advertise.

Constantly In The View

With people always moving in and out of a shops, your brand remains constantly in the view.

Direct Sale

People visiting stores are well informed, brand conscious, and already in the mood to purchase. Therefore, grabbing their eyeballs to your brand can result in direct sales.

Target Local Traffic

As In-Shop Advertisement is location-specific, brands easily can capitalize on targeting the desired income group within specific geographic areas.

Brand Engagement

Due to high footfall at Pantaloons stores, brands can create numerous opportunities for brand engagement to promote products or services to their target audience.

In-Shop Advertising Media Options With Pantaloons

In-Shop advertising allows brands to announce promotions and discounts, sending the flow of potential customers to the store with the help of various advertising media options. These media options increase your campaign visibility and reach customers at multiple points.

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