How Effective is Vehicle Wrap Advertising?

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Car Wrap Advertising/ Vehicle Wrap Advertising is a practice of completely or partially covering a vehicle’s original paint with a vinyl wrap of a different color, and sometimes the same color with a differing finish like a gloss, matte or protective layer. [Ref: Wikipedia]

So how effective is Car/Vehicle Wrap Advertising?

A short answer to this would be- Imagine you are on the road traveling somewhere and you see an ad on a car which has beautiful Mc Donalds burgers on it and 2 mins later you see an Mc Donalds outlet on road. There is a 67% chance that you may actually visit it and make a purchase considering that you had plans to eat something.

People who tell you Car wrap advertising is not that effective don’t know the most important factor of advertising.

#1. Your advertisement targets only the people who are interested in your product.

Let me explain this factor in detail- When you have your brand’s advertisement in a car. It may gather millions of eyeballs but out of those millions, there are a set of people who are actually interested in that particular product. It’s those people who bring business to the brand who is doing the advertising.

Let’s say a brand X puts an advertisement on 100 cars-

And all these ads are wrapped on commercial vehicles (vehicles that travel a large amount of distance each day) and it gets around millions of eyeballs that month. And hence out of those millions of people who saw the ad even if 20% of the people were the people who are likely to perform a conversion. Even in such a worst-case scenario the brand that put up the advertisement would make 10X the amount they invested in-car advertising. Yes, that is how effective car advertising is!

And no, I’m not just blindly saying stuff. Popular Indian Car Advertising Company Brandonwheelz performed a survey and above are the results-

So, why should anyone choose Car advertising instead of other traditional advertising like Hoardings, Billboards, etc?

Car advertising is 96% more effective than static billboards.
Car advertising grabs double (2X) the attention of a Static billboard.
86% of Car advertising viewers will read the entire advertisement.
Car advertising influence the consumer’s decision by 63%.
Time Spent in vehicles has sharply increased by 56% in India in the past 5 Years.

Here are some short points to sum up “How effective is Vehicle/Car wrap advertising?”

A car billboard is different in comparison to traditional hoardings and is traveling all the time. Hence has more impressions and has a better conversion rate.
You can target your audience and run your ads only on cars flying from a certain location to a certain location.
Car advertising is 65% more effective than the traditional form of advertising and has a 57% more conversion rate.
Let me tell you one last effective point to let you know how effective is car branding- A car billboard can travel many places and reach every small street to promote your brand in comparison to hoardings or any other form of advertising. And the best part- Even when your car is not moving “ It acts like a static billboard and it still promotes your brand”.
If you want to understand Car advertising in a much simpler manner check out this explainer video made by Brandonwheelz.

If you have read till here you probably would have understood the potential of Car advertising. Now let me explain to you how you can get it done.

BrandOnWheelz is a leading ad agency for car advertising and we are the only company that guarantees you “Highest Brand Visibility” and not just that, do you want to track where all your brand advertisement has traveled?? With the GPS Tracking feature from BrandOnWheelz, you can track your advertisement and know its location with ease.

If you are a brand based out of India and you want to advertise your brand to a large set of audience and have a “wow” effect at the same time, then there is nothing better than Car Advertising.

Remember… People can skip ads on YouTube, But they won’t be able to Ignore a car billboard. So Choose Wisely!

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