What is the difference between car branding and bus branding?

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Short Answer:

Both Car Branding and Bus Branding both are good forms of advertising. But it all depends on what type of product you are trying to market.

Long Answer:

Let me first tell you about Car Branding:

Car Branding is a type of advertising where the cars are used as an outdoor billboard to promote your brand in a car. An ad placed on a car by the advertising agency and all the people that travel the city roads can see your ads. Hence, your ads are seen by up to 70,000 people a day, thereby reaching more people at a lower cost than billboards, radio, direct mail, or mass transit ads. Car Branding is an effective and inexpensive way to advertise your own business. If you plan your route and design your ads carefully, you will maximize their impact and can also target a certain specific set of audience.

Who should use Car Branding?

  1. Car Branding is used by Premium and niche brands.
  2. Any brand that offers products for the Niche/Premium segment of people.
  3. Examples of Car Branding are Real estate, Automobile, Watch, Jewellery, Technology, etc.

Let me now tell you about Bus Branding:

Bus branding is similar to Car branding except here the ads are displayed on a bus. Bus branding is a medium of transit advertisement that helps in creating awareness in desired neighborhoods. The large, colorful, and innovative designs demand attention and the advantage is that people cannot switch it off. Brands get exclusivity in their advertising space and it delivers results. By putting your advertisement inside the bus you will be able to target commuters traveling in city buses and advertisement on the exterior will help you target others such as pedestrians and those traveling by car or other means of transport.

Who should use Bus Branding?

  1. Bus Branding is used for targeting the masses. (Jantha Brands)
  2. Any brand that offers products or services for the Mass.
  3. Examples of Bus Branding are Chips, Footwear, Biscuits, Icecream, Sweets, undergarments, etc.

Below is a tabular Infographic which provides us the “Comparison Between Bus Branding and Car Branding”

Remember. People can skip ads on YouTube, But they won’t be able to Ignore a Car billboard or Bus Billboard. So Choose Wisely!

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