Hyderabad Bans Hoardings For 2 Months – Car advertising to the Rescue

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“Keeping in mind the past incidents of hoardings, and unipoles collapsing during rains and gusty winds and causing deaths, Hyderabad Bans Hoardings for 2 months — from June 15 to August 15.”

Following is the snippet from the Times Of India Article: Read it here.

So what do brands do now that Hoardings are banned for 2 months – We just seem to have a perfect solution for you :

Car Advertising is here for you!

We would like to share 3 compelling reasons why this is the right time for you to jump into the Car Advertising Market- 

1. Hyderabad Bans Hoardings – “Right time to try out a different form of Advertising & Dominate the Situation”

Every Time something was banned the opportunity takers figure out a way to make use of the situation & turn it in their favor. Well, this is your chance to take this ban as an opportunity & do something different than others haven’t thought of.  Just Imagine – You go off on roads & all your competitors are just waiting for this ban to be lifted But your brand is just traveling every single part of Hyderabad – Increasing your sales & getting you millions of Impressions every day.


2. Car Branding is not Static Like Hoardings: 

The best part about car branding is that your brand is not always in one place. A car billboard is different in comparison to traditional hoardings because it is traveling all the time. Hence car advertising more impressions and even a better conversion rate.

This is one of the most compelling reasons to shift to car branding right away as hoardings just sit at one place the whole time – while the car billboard travels to every nook & corner of the city & promotes your brand in every street. So-  “why limit yourself to just one certain place – When the whole city is yours”


3. Worst Part About OOH Advertising is that You Can’t track the Impact – With BrandOnWheelz – You are able to track every single movement of your brand.

Everyone who is into OOH advertising knows that they will never have clarity on the Impact of the Marketing Campaign. We at BrandOnWheelz have understood your problem & have found just a perfect solution for you:

With Real-Time location tracking – Now you’re able to track your brand anytime & every time & get accurate data of where all your brand has traveled.

So we have told you the three compelling reasons why you should shift to car branding right away. We just want to remind you one thing – 


If you are a brand based out of India and you want to advertise your brand to a large set of audience and have a “wow” effect at the same time, then there is nothing better than Car Advertising.


BrandOnWheelz is a leading ad agency for car advertising and we are the only company that guarantees you “Highest Brand Visibility” and Real-Time Location Tracking.


Visit: BrandOnWheelz – India’s Largest Car Advertising Company or call us at- +91-9066774457

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