Auto Branding

Auto Branding

Auto branding is one of the traditional ways to promote a brand, even in today’s world there are many people who commute by auto, and auto-advertising can attract masses who commute through it. Auto advertising is also a form of advertising where the ads are placed on autos rickshaws for a more robust reach. Auto advertisements target the scattered audience for nearly all geographical locations. Auto advertising is a budding trend and as per TOI auto advertising has been evolving for the previous number of years. Promoting is the key to any and every company’s success, auto-rickshaw has greater product visibility and an extremely deeper reach than we think. Auto rickshaws are present in every corner of India and hence, advertising via auto is an apt idea.

auto branding

Why Auto Branding ?

In India, one of the most popular and traditional advertising platforms is outer door advertising which has been followed for decades and is still in place. the best through India’s No.1 outdoor advertising agency in India BrandOnWheelz to promotes your products or brands all kinds of mode advertising for metro cities BrandOnWheelz the traditional with modern transport Mode called e-rickshaw, which is the India first campaign done by BWZ.

Auto Branding – Now E-Auto & E-Rickshaws

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Auto branding is more eco-friendly transport in India today transportation as “e-auto and e-rickshaws” are the top leading agency on bwz traditional and follow through modern to promote your brands are current its reach out the last mile on every road in metro cities.
now travel your products or brand with the best auto advertising agency in India.

Auto Branding Advantages

Low Cost but Effective

Auto advertising is affordable but surely effective. It gives a maximized ROI, reaching a bigger audience at a time.


With more and more businesses choosing auto branding it’s also becoming creative and impactful in its nature.


The banners are backed with lighting, it delivers a high rate of attraction from the general public.

Recall Value

Far from newspapers and pamphlets, these ads stay longer.

Mode That Reaches All Age Groups

Auto rickshaw is used by every possible age group, hence it is highly reachable.

Moving Visibility To The Brand

The auto-rickshaw moves to around 60-100 km a day, as it keeps moving it attracts more and more people.

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