Bus Advertising

Bus Advertising

Yes, you heard right, among OutDoor Advertising bus branding is an attention seeker and that to well-deserved one. It is the best medium to take a brand’s message to the streets of the city, a high-impact & cost-effective way to grab eyeballs.

 Mainly because of its nature fixed route of travel, ample branding space, key areas covered, media placement space, and so on – it is getting the importance of “moving billboards“ at an affordable cost and has taken non-traditional media to next level. BMTC Buses cover over 10,200 Square kilometers area across Bangalore.

The Attention Seeker Of Outdoor Advertising Space !

Highly Eye Catching 

Encompassing both outside and inside advertisements, engages a wide audience as buses traverse urban traffic."

Bigger Media Space 

With massive media space, we can have mind-blowing creatives to enhance brand promotion.

Geo Location Friendly 

BMTC bus ply across Bangalore with more than 40+ routes, the brand can focus on the zone-wise branding in the city.


There is no way anyone can miss out on an elephant on the streets

Cost Effective

Spending huge budgets on Single static hoarding of 1 day’s newspaper? Bus Branding is pocket friendly for a month’s durations & covers a huge audience

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What is bus advertising?

Bus advertising is a marketing strategy that involves placing advertisements on the exterior or interior of buses to reach a wide audience as the buses travel through various routes.

How effective is bus advertising for promoting my business?

Bus advertising is an effective way to reach a diverse audience in urban and suburban areas. It can generate high visibility and brand exposure.

How can I get started with a bus advertising campaign with your agency?

Getting started is easy. Simply contact us, and our team will guide you through the process, from designing your ad to selecting the best locations and routes for maximum impact.

Can I target a specific audience or location with my bus advertising campaign?

Yes, we can help you target specific demographics or locations by choosing bus routes that align with your target audience’s location or demographics.

How much does bus advertising with your agency cost?

Pricing varies based on factors such as the type of advertisement, campaign duration, and location. Contact us for a customized quote.

Can I track the performance of my bus advertising campaign?

Yes, we provide reporting and metrics to help you gauge the success of your campaign, including increased brand awareness and engagement.

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