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By now, we have all experienced the power of Car BrandingTransit media advertising has been very effective in influencing consumer behavior, consciously or subconsciously it has also been influencing our buying decisions. So without any doubt Transit media have done an extraordinary job.

Car Branding has been successful because of its Nature – Non-Static. Now the advertisers or brands need to scrutinize which Mode of Transit Media is Best for their Brand.

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Car Branding – Important Points to Consider

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  • Distance Covered – The more the number of Kilometres clocked the higher number of Captive Audience are reached
  • Reach – Where all your Mode of Transit is able to Touch Base – Airports, Malls, Business Centres, Gated Communities, Railway station, etc.., All the Major Junctions Covered
  • Brand Placement – advertisers must also consider in which form of transit is their Brand Carried, Is it Premium?
  • Creative Space – The Media Space has 1 simple Rule – The Larger the Better
  • Maintenance of the Creative – it’s a nightmare for advertisers if their Creative is Damaged– Is someone taking its responsibility?

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There are the Majority of the advertisers who believe Outdoor Branding is the Ultimate need for any Brand, yet we have a set of advertisers who believe in Digital Branding alone.

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Now Digital Enthusiasts Advertisers also have an opportunity to experience the Combination of Car Branding + Digital. This Combo will make it the Most Premium Digital Platform and will outrank any other Digital Platform – BRANDING ON OLA PRIME CAR and OLA APP.

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FAQs by Digital Enthusiast Advertisers

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  1. Will I be able to Target my Captive Audience with the Brand Parameters & Guideline?
  2. Will I be able to specify to whom my Branding is displayed – Location, Time, Gender, Income Level, ios / Android users, Frequent Fliers, Outstation travelers, Premium Apartments, College students, Working Professionals and what not!!

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The answer is – YES, YOU CAN!

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Bonus!! Unlike other digital platforms, you don’t have to worry about your Captive Audience getting bombarded with 100’s ads of your competitors. Ola offers a limited number of Slots to a Limited number of Brands – Making your Branding Unique.

Combination of Car Branding and Ola Prime/ App Branding will be the most ultimate option for any advertisers. Making it multiple touchpoints.

Picturize this: You book an Ola Cab in the Ola App your Branding is displayed, your ride arrives with Car Branding, you are seated in the Cab and your ad is been played on the Ola Play Tab. Making it a complete 360-degree Transit Media Plan.

Make the most of your Transit Media – by optimizing your Media Planning and Buying.

BrandonWheelz (BWZ) also offers Car branding (Internal, external, On the Top), TATA Ace Goods Vehicle branding, Daalchini Kiosk branding, Swiggy In-app digital ads & specially curated campaigns depending on brands objective & budget.


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