High Spending Captive Audience All At One Place

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Interesting Title Right?

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How about your entire Captive Audience being Captured at One Single Location with High Spending capacity.

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Let us accept the fact – across all the Major Cities in India, Working professionals are way higher in number and contribute a majority of their share to the Economy from the Time they start working till their retirement. With Bigger Cash In Flow comes Larger Spending Capacity.

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Where do we find all these High Spending Captive Audiences at one Singe Place.?

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  • Corporate Centers
  • Co-Work Spaces
  • Hostels
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Residential
  • Educational Institutions


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India like the rest of the World had fought back Covid 19 and is all set to start back their routine life. This creates an opportunity for your Brand to be Placed at the Right Place at the Right Time & there is no better time than NOW.

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How About I tell you –

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  • Clyster Clear Captive AudienceYour Brand is Placed in High Foot Fall Area
  • 24/7 Foot Fall
  • High Customer Recall 
  • Low Overhead Cost

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High Captive Audience With Daalchini Media Option

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At Delhi, GurgaonNoidaGhaziabadMumbaiPune & Chandigarh, You can now Place your Brand on DAALCHINI KIOSK (Ready – To – Eat Food Vending Machine)

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These DAALCHINI KIOSK are now available at the Prime Corporates Centers, Co-Work Spaces, Hostels, Hospitals, Hotels, Residential and Educational Institutions for Branding with multiple Branding Options –

  • Led Display – 32″ (10 – 20 Sec Video)
  • Screensaver, Screen Banner on Touch Screen (10*6 Inches, 10-20 Sec)
  • Sides Walls (19*22 Inches)
  • Offline Stickers (9*11 Inches)
  • Bottom Side (35*17 Inches)

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Come on Advertisers, This is how you can make a difference, Make your Brand Stand Out, Place It where it matters and make every penny count, and rip off the most revenue for your Brand with DAALCHINI KIOSK BRANDING!!!

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Happy Media Buying!!!
Thank you!!


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