Addressing the Advertisers Biggest Concern – Car Branding Campaign Successful Execution

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Generally, Car Branding is categorized as non-traditional, difficult to maintain, and track. We will break the myth today and let everyone understand the benefits of car branding like most of the other believers such as Britannia, Sobha Developers, Duroflex, Nippon Paint, and over 200+ brands who have been using car branding as a primary media option.

To start off, how do you chose your Media Partner?

10 Points to consider:

  • Expertise
  • Market Dominance
  • Reputation
  • Transparent Process
  • Operational Strength
  • Tech driven – absolute data points
  • Creativity – Out of the Box
  • Ability to Execute a Campaign around the country
  • Number of Campaigns Executed
  • Number of REPEAT Campaigns Executed

BrandOnWheelz (BWZ) being in the Car Branding Industry for the last 5 years, has become the most trusted partner for almost all the major Media houses and Brands in India. Not just because of the Flawless Execution & Transparent Process, but also an efficient Client Servicing has created the difference for BrandonWheelz in India.

Data Matters:

Over the last 5 years, BrandonWheelz (BWZ) has acquired tons of Datapoints that help brands with 1st hand data and suggestions in terms of the optional number of cars required in the given city and impact-full creative. Every car that runs on BrandonWheelz (BWZ) platform has an active GPS that sends us real-time data of the travel history, based on which BrandonWheelz (BWZ) creates Heat Maps for Brands & Media houses to make sensible decisions.

Our Beloved Driver Partners, The guardian of your Branding on their cars, have also been benefited from BrandOnWheelz with an additional source of income. We also have a Loyalty Program and incentivize the most prompt drivers based on many attributes like maintaining the hygiene of the creative, punctual reporting, number of kilometers clocked in, and many more aspects. We have impaneled more than 25,000 loyal & active driver-partners across the country.

Each bunch of Driver Partner is assigned to a Hub Manager who supervises the entire campaign and gets reported in case of any damage of creative and is replaced immediately. A bunch of Hub Managers is supervised by Operation Managers under the supervision of the Operations Head to ensure zero error and utmost results.

BrandOnWheelz so far:

  • Present in 35+ Cities PAN India
  • Executed 200 + Campaigns
  • Total Number of Car Executed 42000 +
  • Kilometers clocked 60 million +
  • Impressions captured 12 billion +

Post the successful completion of our Ola branding campaign, I would like to put on record an appreciation for pooja on ensuring successful rollout and implementation of the campaign. The response was so quick and prompt from her which made the campaign go live as per our expectation. We are extremely happy with the campaign done and we shall look forward to doing the campaign again in next couple of months basis our resources.”


“It was great Experience Working with BrandOnWheelz for car Branding . You and your team really had supported us in making the  project successful in Mumbai  for car branding right from start and end of the campaign. With Your additional features we were able have real-time tracking, we had received the reports every week without fail. Over all execution team support was really good and would also be looking to be working with BrandOnWheelz Team again in Future!”

– HP

“Thanks Team.. You guys did a great job with Good day Festival of Smiles Campaign”


“Kudos !! to Brandonwheelz team on delivering an excellent job with our pre-launch and launch campaigns at Nagpur, I was able to get real-time analytics on my ads and impressions, will again use your service, highly recommended !!”


“Our organization was really impressed by Brand on Wheelz responsiveness towards the campaign execution & it was pleasure working with your team. Even though we had regulatory glitches during initial execution your team had managed to solve & proceed further to close with successful promotion. Special thanks to Mhd Asghar & Kiran for their efforts to monitor the entire process. Shall recommend Brand on Wheelz to my known source for your awesome execution. Thanks a Bunch!!”


“First of all I would like to thank you for the professional services we have received during this campaign, this being our first campaign together we really appreciate this association and look forward to working on many more such campaigns in the coming year.”


“Your Flawless Customer Service & Transparent Process has impressed us. We consider BrandonWheelz as a Trusted Partner to work with. Keep up the good work.”


BrandOnWheelz – Current Route Map for Even Better Experience for Advertisers:

  • Top-notch GPS Technology
  • In-app – Real-time Picture of Branding with Time Date and Location Stamp
  • In-app – Self-design of Car Branding mockups
  • Extending our presence internationally
  • Extending our presence in all tire 3 cities in India

BrandOnWheelz has been successful to a great extend in breaking the myth by converting the most unorganized sector to the Most Trusted Media among advertisers.

Make the most of your Car Branding – by optimizing your Media Planning and Buying.

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