Car Advertising with BrandOnWheelz Gives you Highest Brand Visibility Compared to any Offline Media

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We are into ATL Marketing with BTL pricing. When it comes to our Car Advertising all our clients get extremely highest visibility.

Can you imagine a Car Bill Board Traveling 165 Kms+ and covering all major areas and main junctions in just 1 day!! Talking about main junctions, the cost of any hoardings at this highest traffic area will be close to 1 lac to 5 lac, and our fleet at BrandOnWheelz will cross as much as 20 spots like this in 1 Day!!! with a very economical cost.

With BrandOnWheelz, we could give you a target eyeballs of 1 Crore every day & 30 crore eyeballs every month.

Car advertising generates over 156000000 impressions per month and boosts your sales


Core Benefits Of Car Advertising with BrandOnWheelz:

  • Highly Cost effective Ad tool.
  • Target your audience, as all our Fleets are equipped with GPS devices.
  • Brand Exposure to Remote or Posh Areas.
  • Imagine Fleets of cars turned into Mobile Billboards carrying your Brand & advertisement in your city.
  • Get 100s & 1000s of people of India to be your Brand Ambassador & Increase the Trust and credibility of the brand.


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