Never Stop Marketing – Keep Evolving even during a Lockdown

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As the second wave of Covid hit India and the lockdown is implemented In few cities in India, outdoor advertising seems impossible, but BrandOnWheelz has always believed that “Innovation is the only way to succeed” and will always come up with innovative ways to deal with such circumstances. It’s the 21st century and it wouldn’t be wrong if we say that marketing decides a company’s position, growth, turnover, and goodwill. Marketing is an undeniable truth, the more people see your brand, the more the brand shall create its goodwill in the eyes of the audience. 

“When Tough gets Tougher, The Toughest Gets Going – How BrandOnWheelz has managed to run successful campaigns”

BrandOnWheelz has managed to keep the show running, no matter what the environment was. During the first wave of covid-19, where many companies were shutting due to low income and debt, BrandOnWheelz has managed to emerge as a shining star. No matter how tough the situations were, BrandOnWheelz kept working hard. Big brands like Swiggy, Nippon Paint, Duroflex, Sunpure, Vestar, and many other companies have invested their capital in advertising with us and have shown us their trust in us. 

Even right now as India is going through the lockdown, one of India’s largest FMCG brands is doing digital ads through our various digital platforms in Multiple cities.

In fact, we have started giving the option to brands to pause the outdoor campaign till the lockdown is active, once the lockdown is over we will start back the paused campaigns.

Be it digital marketing or out-of-home marketing, we need to understand the importance of marketing in a business. In the contemporary world, there are companies who invest around a big number of their money in marketing, as they know how important marketing and advertising is. Digital marketing is at its peak as everyone these days has social media accounts and are heavy users of the internet, most of the companies are very active on OTT & other platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, as they understand how important it is to connect with their audience in order to mark their stance in the market, but at the same time, these platforms are now heavily crowded to an extent many ads may go unnoticed or junk.

As we all know that Swiggy and Ola are one of the most used and well-known leading companies, it has a large number of user base across India and is highly reliable for marketing your brand. The traffic is of all age groups and immensely vast in nature. Both Swiggy In-app advertising and Ola In-App advertising are great platforms to advertise your brand and during this time of the pandemic, digital marketing is an amazing marketing tool. Swiggy has almost 1.5 million daily orders and ola serves over 200 million customers through a network of 2.5 million driver-partners. Imagine the attention your brand is going to get when they advertise on these enormously big platforms. Ola and Swiggy are immensely big platforms to advertise your brand.

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