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With the question of the death of Out of Home Advertisement has been debunked, let’s explore what channels do marketers have at their disposal for their next advertising campaign. There are advantages and disadvantages of each channel and you have to choose your channel according to what’s your end goal and your target audience. 

The major advantages which the Out of Home (OOH) advertising campaigns provide are:

  • Offline Presence
  • Easy Location-based targeting
  • Wider Reach
  • No cap on impressions
  • Has worked for a long time, but its effect has still not diminished.

With plenty of advantages going for Out Of Home (OOH) Advertising, let’s explore what options a marketer has and what are the best options for them to achieve their targets.

  1. Car Wrap Advertising

The latest iteration in the long history of Out Of Home (OOH) advertisement. Car Wrap Advertisement has evolved to have it all. With the distribution spread of Flyer Advertisement and impression impact of Billboard Advertisement.


  • Ability to get close to your target audience and be a part of their everyday lives.
  • Can reach the whole city in a single advertising campaign.
  • Provides the maximum impact of any offline advertising campaign.
  • Can reach residential areas and office areas, which is difficult to do with any other form of Out of Home Advertisements.
  • With BrandOnWheelz, you will also be able to track key marketing metrics such as impressions, ROI and


  • It ends.
  1. Billboard Advertising

Billboard Advertisement is great at creating impressions but should be aptly positioned to have any significant impact. And unlike car advertising campaign, you have to pay exponentially more to display your advertisements throughout the city. Too many hassles to make it a success.


  • Huge number of impressions, if done right.
  • Can be placed in high traffic locations. Though it will cost significantly more.


  • Should be placed aptly to have any significant advertising effect.
  • Is prohibitively expensive for the impact it provides. 
  • It is subject to many local laws and regulations.
  1. Point of Sale Displays