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What are the best Out Of Home (OOH) Advertising Channels

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With the question of the death of Out of Home Advertisement has been debunked, let’s explore what channels do marketers have at their disposal for their next advertising campaign. There are advantages and disadvantages of each channel and you have to choose your channel according to what’s your end goal and your target audience. 

The major advantages which the Out of Home (OOH) advertising campaigns provide are:

  • Offline Presence
  • Easy Location-based targeting
  • Wider Reach
  • No cap on impressions
  • Has worked for a long time, but its effect has still not diminished.

With plenty of advantages going for Out Of Home (OOH) Advertising, let’s explore what options a marketer has and what are the best options for them to achieve their targets.

  1. Car Wrap Advertising

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The latest iteration in the long history of Out Of Home (OOH) advertisement. Car Wrap Advertisement has evolved to have it all. With the distribution spread of Flyer Advertisement and impression impact of Billboard Advertisement.


  • Ability to get close to your target audience and be a part of their everyday lives.
  • Can reach the whole city in a single advertising campaign.
  • Provides the maximum impact of any offline advertising campaign.
  • Can reach residential areas and office areas, which is difficult to do with any other form of Out of Home Advertisements.
  • With BrandOnWheelz, you will also be able to track key marketing metrics such as impressions, ROI and


  • It ends.
  1. Billboard Advertising

Billboard Advertisement is great at creating impressions but should be aptly positioned to have any significant impact. And unlike car advertising campaigns, you have to pay exponentially more to display your advertisements throughout the city. Too many hassles to make it a success.


  • A huge number of impressions, if done right.
  • Can be placed in high traffic locations. Though it will cost significantly more.


  • Should be placed aptly to have any significant advertising effect.
  • Is prohibitively expensive for the impact it provides. 
  • It is subject to many local laws and regulations.
  1. Point of Sale Displays

These types of advertisements are designed to sell. It is suitable for low-cost products to influence customers when they are in the process of purchasing. Point of Sale Displays are good as a marketing tactic, but score low on every other metric.   


  • Great for influencing customers at the end stage of the buying process.


  • Poor to no effect on all the other marketing metrics.
  • Can be used more as a tactic than the main marketing strategy.
  1. Furniture Advertising

Not as popular and almost non-existent in India. Furniture advertising is a novel way to display your advertisements. Though it has a great impact on customers, most are not receptive to it after some time as the utilities on which the ads exist tend to get used less over time. This can be primarily attributed to symbolic issues, for example, people are often uncomfortable using street benches with ads on them. Important cues such as danger and other important signs are also observed to be ignored or noticed less if there are any ads near them. 


  • Great for creating an impact on customers.


  • People are less receptive of them over time.
  • Has the potential to cause public hazards.
  1. Flyer Advertising

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Has high distribution potential and reach. Flyer Advertising can reach people near enough for them to take personal notice. But due to its intrusive and uninvited nature, people are usually annoyed when they receive it. Also, a lot of field agents need to be employed to reach out to many people. 


  • High distribution potential and reach
  • Can reach the audience on a personal level.


  • People are not receptive of it.
  • Requires a large number of field agents to have a necessary impact.
  • Flyer Advertisements don’t last long.
  1. Experiential or Event Marketing

convention conad free event 12

Events have always been a major part of human civilisation. And lately, Brands have started taking notice of its potential to make a big impact. Experiential Marketing combined with technology has totally revolutionised this space. The major drawbacks are it’s very expensive and though it is suitable for product launches, extensive press coverage must be required to have any significant impact. 


  • Can create a huge impact and improve the brand reach.
  • Great for product launches.


  • It is expensive.
  • Can involve only less number of people.
  • Must be accompanied by extensive press coverage to have any significant long term impact
  1. Bus Advertising

Though it may seem like a good choice to go for Bus Branding on the outset, it is anything but. Out of all the Out Of Home Advertising mediums, Bus Branding is the least appealing of all. Bus Advertisement has a wide reach and can garner impressions, but are often dirty and poorly maintained. In addition to that, buses are seen as a budget option for the masses, not something most aspire to. So it makes little sense to go for Bus Advertisement unless impressions are your only goal, and have little concern about the drop in brand value.


  • Only suitable to obtain impressions.


  • Guaranteed drop in the brand value.

Out Of Home Advertising is constantly evolving and there are major channels opening up all the time. Car Advertising is the latest iteration of Out Of Home (OOH) advertising with all the advantages of other advertising channels in this space. To get your advertisements on cars, call 9066774457 or send email to

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