Car Branding Campaign: Achieving Nationwide Brand Exposure and Impressions

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Introduction:, an emerging online betting app, embarked on a strategic car branding campaign to enhance its brand visibility across India. Utilizing BrandOnWheelz car branding as the chosen media channel, the campaign targeted 17,000 cabs in 11 cities, executed within a span of 30 days. This case study examines the campaign’s objectives, implementation strategy, and impressive impressions generated through the nationwide car branding effort.


The primary objective of the car branding campaign was to maximize brand exposure and generate significant impressions across the target market in 2023 IPL period. By leveraging car branding on a large scale, the campaign aimed to create widespread awareness of as a reliable online betting app.

BrandOnWheelz Campaign Strategy:

Geographic Targeting: The campaign strategically focused on 11 key cities across India, selected to cover diverse market segments and maximize reach.

Car Branding: opted for BrandOnWheelz car branding as the primary media channel, utilizing the exterior surfaces of 17,000 cabs to display their brand message and visuals.

Parallel Execution: The campaign was executed concurrently in 11 cities, allowing the team to cover a larger geographical area within the designated timeframe of 30 days.

Impressions Measurement: The campaign tracked and recorded the number of impressions generated each day to evaluate the campaign’s impact and reach.

BrandOnWheelz Implementation Process:

Pre-campaign Planning: Extensive research and analysis were conducted to identify the target cities, study local market dynamics, and select suitable cab service providers for collaboration.

Design and Branding: The creative team developed captivating designs that effectively communicated the brand identity, including logos, taglines, and product images.

Cab Selection and Branding Execution: A fleet of 17,000 cabs was carefully chosen across the target cities. BrandOnWheelz used Professional vinyl wraps to brand the selected cabs, ensuring high-quality installation and visibility.

Parallel Execution: The team worked simultaneously in five cities in Phase 1 and 6 cities in phase 2 and which covered 17,000 cabs in 30 days, coordinating with cab service providers to execute the branding process efficiently and adhere to the designated timeline.


Impressive Reach: The car branding campaign achieved a remarkable reach by branding 17,000 cabs across 11 cities pan India. This extensive coverage enabled the brand message to reach a vast audience, both pedestrians and commuters.

High Impressions: The campaign generated a substantial number of impressions, with a daily average of 68,00,00,000 and a monthly total of 20,40,00,00,000. These impressive numbers reflect the significant exposure received throughout the campaign period.

Increased Brand Awareness: The campaign successfully increased brand awareness, with the eye-catching car branding visuals capturing the attention of a wide audience. The widespread impressions helped cement’s brand presence in the minds of potential customers.

Efficient Parallel Execution: The team’s parallel execution in five cities facilitated streamlined implementation, allowing for comprehensive coverage and timely completion of the campaign within the 30-day timeframe.


The car branding campaign effectively achieved its objectives through BrandOnWheelz for enhancing brand exposure and generating substantial impressions across India. Leveraging car branding on a nationwide scale, the campaign successfully reached a wide audience and increased brand awareness for The parallel execution approach by BranOnWheelz in 11 cities enabled efficient implementation and comprehensive coverage. The campaign’s impressive impressions highlighted the campaign’s effectiveness in capturing the attention of potential Target audience and establishing as a prominent player in the online Betting industry.

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