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Brandonwheelz is now associated with Stanza Living and it has its branches in over 14+ cities of India including Bangalore, Chennai, Coimbatore, Dehradun, Pune, Delhi, Hyderabad, Indore, Noida, Ahmedabad, Visakhapatnam, Manipal, and Vijayawada. BrandOnWheelz has strong advertising which can propel any brand of any size into the market in a single shot, as we are brilliant at portraying the brand in a manner that will create a sense of enlightenment in people’s mind regarding the brand.

Stanza Living Branding Advantages

Captive Audience

Advertising so enticing that it captures the eyes of the audience. The biggest thing that drives captive audiences is marketing and advertising. A captive audience is an opportunity to an excellent extent to succeed in a dead set in its target market. We provide many options that will facilitate and  increase your productivity and be profitable to your brand.

24*7 Availability

As the ads are available 24*7, the audience keeps viewing the ads and it’s a greater recall value and it sticks to the mind of the audience. Newspaper and pamphlets are thrown away after it’s read by the people, these are visible 24*7 and are made the way where it attracts the larger audience and these ads will be displayed for an extended period of your time, for days and months, because the ads are well-maintained by us.

Optimal Cost

The maximum sales that may lead to profit and build the goodwill of your company. Compared to other print, digital or maybe magazine ads, the poster ads are more liable and return on investment is extremely high. These ads are cheaper when compared to printed ads.

Target Audience

Target audience helps create more efficient marketing messages. Developing a transparent and understanding audience is one amongst the foremost important things when it involves marketing and advertising brands. The audience is targeted betting on their age, location, spending power, and interests.

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