Car wrap advertising in India

Car Wrap advertising in India is an efficient method of promoting your business; hence it is vital that you harness the power of strong advertising media in order to increase brand popularity. Smart advertising alternatives are always sought by brands for displaying their brand message and also building a powerful identity for their brand. In terms of outdoor advertising, Car Wrap Advertising stands out as being extremely cost-effective, and has the potential to create a deep impression on its target audience. Our operation covers India through an extensive network and a dedicated team that enables us to execute Car Wrap Advertising with finesse. One such success story was the Ocean Beverages Car Wrap Advertising campaign by BrandonWheelz which turned out to be huge success and created ripples across town.
Our approach for car wrap advertising is unique and effective. The vehicle is wrapped completely using 100-micron exterior vinyl while custom graphics and bright colors are printed using eco-solvent printing. To achieve this, we use matte lamination so that the wrapping does not lose its aesthetic appeal or fade in color.

car wrap advertising in india

Currently, the advertising is being done through cabs  from multiple cab servicing platforms like Ola and Uber in India. At Brandonwheelz, we help people plan, buy and manage their marketing campaigns on one platform. Whether you are aiming to access different job markets, conduct business or experience life in vibrant cities of India; our services meet the dynamic advertising environment facilitated by the number of taxi services that have emerged in India over the past ten years. Streamlining this process makes it convenient for companies to navigate through and execute efficient advertising strategies on one platform.

What is Car wrap advertising?

Car wrap advertising is a marketing technique that places vinyl graphics or decals on the outside of a vehicle. It helps in converting common vehicles into striking mobile billboards to serve as an effective way of promoting business and its brand, products or services. This is done through the creation and application of vibrant visuals ensuring that your message can be seen even when in motion.
Car wrap advertising in India can change the game for business owners who want to improve their visibility and undertake dynamic marketing campaigns. This converts your fleet from mere transporters of goods into powerful tools that constantly draw attention to your brand, thereby promoting it at all times. Additionally, it is also an inexpensive way of reaching a larger audience thus making it suitable to businesses regardless of their size.

Why car wrap advertising in India is a good medium for any business?

car wrap advertising in India

Based on a research estimate, there are approximately 1.6 million licensed vehicles designated for use as taxis in India. Brandonwheelz offers a diverse range of taxi advertising services, including UBER/Ola car wrap advertising, airport branding, taxi branding car wrap advertising, and auto branding services. By opting for these services, one can create an advertising campaign that effectively targets the right audience and achieves marketing objectives. Despite a noticeable shortage of qualified drivers, convincing them to work independently or with traditional taxi systems to collaborate with online ride-hailing platforms poses a challenge. However, we have streamlined the entire process to ensure complete brand satisfaction and fleet happiness.

In FY 2020, the Indian online taxi services market was valued at INR 30.72 billion, and it is anticipated to experience a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 12.93 percent from FY 2021 to FY 2025. The market is projected to reach INR 55.15 billion by FY 2025, underscoring its increasing popularity in India. These statistics highlight that utilizing car wrap advertising in India is the optimal medium for transit advertisement to effectively reach the target audience.

How is Car wrap advertising being inevitable?

In India, people rely heavily on app-based taxi services like Uber, OLA, BluSmart, Namma Yatri, Rapido Auto, and other e-cabs for transportation. These services, including car wrap advertising in India, have become a crucial part of daily life. Cars are essential for getting around in the city, covering its vast areas. Using cars as advertising spaces, especially through car wrap advertising in India, has become a unique and effective way of promoting brands outdoors. Branded cars, featuring captivating car wrap advertising in India, travel through the busiest parts of Indian cities, ensuring exposure to a diverse and concentrated audience.
Our presence in India allows us to offer excellent car wrap advertising services to our customers at very competitive rates. India, being a dynamic and evolving country, provides a fertile ground for impactful advertising strategies.

The benefits of car wrap advertising

Car wrap advertising ensures that your brand gets noticed and recognized. The captivating visuals on the car advertisement leave a strong impression on the audience’s mind. This form of advertising has the potential to showcase products or services, kickstart campaigns, create buzz around events, or simply establish widespread brand awareness. By leveraging the power of car wrap advertising, businesses can reach a broad audience within their target demographic, ensuring that the brand message is firmly imprinted in the minds of the audience. For many business owners, this method proves to be an effective way to achieve a good return on investment (ROI). ROI 

A flexible advertising platform

The utilization of taxi advertising or Car Wrap advertising in India is increasingly prevalent and flexible. Advertisers now have the opportunity to connect effectively and affordably with their target demographic. Car Wrap advertising in India offers essential resources for successful campaigns, allowing for tailored advertising and real-time data insights. This adaptability ensures that brands can reach their desired audience with precision, delivering the right message at the right time. Additionally, the platform is highly customizable and accommodates various budgets, making it an attractive choice for businesses of all sizes.

Potential to reach a wider space

Leveraging Car Wrap advertising emerges as a successful strategy for extending outreach to a wider geographic area. This method allows businesses to interact with potential customers and improve visibility, especially in hard-to-reach locations. Car wrap advertising becomes a means of reaching commuters who may not be acquainted with the products or services offered by businesses. By reaching out to individuals who might not have otherwise come across their brand, businesses can expand their customer base. This advertising approach facilitates targeting people from diverse areas in Indian cities and even beyond.

Cost-effective campaign

Car wrap advertising stands out as a budget-friendly strategy to connect with your target audience in India. Its cost-effectiveness and the ability to reach specific demographics contribute to the growing popularity of this advertising method. Businesses can effortlessly and economically engage with their potential consumers in the respective city through car wrap advertising. The process involves placing advertisements on the exterior of a car, whether on the hood, trunk, or side panels. This placement incurs minimal costs while maximizing benefits, as the ads receive exposure to thousands of people daily, enhancing visibility and outreach for businesses.

Enhanced brand exposure

Car services are extensively used by commuters throughout India, including both urban and suburban residents. Introducing Car Wrap advertising in India provides a strategic method to attain widespread brand visibility, reaching not only diverse areas within the cities but also suburban locations.

Dual impact branding

A car wrap advertising campaign integrates both interior and exterior branding, resulting in a dual impact on both passengers and onlookers. In the midst of traffic congestion on India’s roads, car branding emerges as a powerful tool for establishing a strong brand presence among individuals inside the vehicle and those observing from the outside.

Engaging platform for brand recognition

Carefully designed interior advertisements within the car offer viewers a close-up encounter with the brand. As passengers spend considerable time in proximity to these advertisements, car wrap advertising creates a deeper influence on consumers. This intimate brand viewing experience holds the potential to influence purchasing decisions, given the extended exposure during travel. Additionally, the design of car branding is strategically crafted to spark curiosity among customers, prompting almost immediate responses and interactions. The interactive nature of car wrap advertising transforms vehicles into engaging platforms

Latest transit media advertising campaigns

side pannel

Let us hear from our happy clients

See our success stories and experiences of our delighted clients with Brandonwheelz’s Car Wrap Advertising services! we bring you testimonials from businesses across India that have witnessed the impact of our transit media solutions.

Hear from entrepreneurs who have seen their brand visibility soar, reaching diverse audiences and making a lasting impression. Learn how our tailored advertising strategies have transformed their marketing efforts, leading to increased brand recognition and engagement.

From major cities to suburban landscapes, our clients share their journey with Brandonwheelz, the leading transit media company in India. Explore how our team’s dedication, creativity, and nationwide reach have contributed to their success in the dynamic world of Car Wrap Advertising.



Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights and inspiration! Let our happy clients narrate their success with Brandonwheelz and why they consider us the go-to choice for exceptional transit media services. Tune in now and be inspired by the testimonials that speak volumes about the effectiveness of Car Wrap Advertising with Brandonwheelz!


Insights of Car wrap advertising

Localized targeting

Car wrap advertisements represent the latest innovation in out-of-home (OOH) advertising in India. Ride-hailing services like Uber and Ola now feature their vehicles adorned with branded ads, showcasing compelling visuals and catchy slogans. These drivers cover substantial distances, averaging 150–200 km each weekday, spending considerable time on the road daily. Why does it matter to you? This significant presence in the market ensures that your brand becomes the actual ‘talk of the town.’By utilizing car wraps, drivers strategically position their cabs at key street corners and bustling areas to enhance customer engagement.

Legal permission

Securing a branding license or permission is the initial and crucial step for any vehicle branding initiative in India. The issuance of this license, provided by the RTO (Regional Transport Office) or civic authorities, applies to various vehicles such as auto-rickshaws, tempos, trucks, or buses. Navigating the complexities of licensing and registration regulations set forth by municipal corporations or authorities can be challenging. Therefore, vehicle owners, agencies, or firms may opt to enlist the assistance of licensing consultants to ensure compliance. Vehicle advertisements typically involve displaying messages on the top, sides, or back of the vehicle. Utilizing paint, wraps, or decals on the vehicle body proves highly effective in capturing attention.

The creative content featured on the vehicle may include the logo, brand message, owner details, and contact information such as email, phone number, and website. The use of custom creative elements should align with the terms and conditions stipulated by the relevant authority. At Brandonwheelz, we provide comprehensive guidance to our clients throughout the entire process of vehicle branding, covering everything from licensing to the actual branding implementation.

Maintenance and Durability

To prevent fading and heat damage, we apply a protective wax to the vinyl on the car, providing an additional layer of defense against rain, heat, and UV damage. The application of wax serves as clear protection, imparting a glossy membrane to the vinyl. The process of applying a vinyl wrap to your car can be completed within a few hours, and its durability extends up to 10 years. Importantly, the removal of the vinyl wrap does not cause damage to the underlying surfaces of the cab.

Future trends

Future car wrap advertising in India

Envisioning the future of car wrap advertising is like stepping into a sci-fi realm where cars transform into captivating digital canvases. Imagine sleek digital screens seamlessly covering the tops and side doors of vehicles, becoming dynamic billboards on wheels. These screens will be the heralds of advertisements, bringing brands to life in vibrant colors and engaging visuals as the wheels roll by. The streets will be transformed into a mobile art gallery, where each car becomes a moving masterpiece, showcasing a symphony of ads that capture attention and imagination. The future of car wrap advertising is not just about cars; it’s about unleashing the potential of every journey to tell a story, one digital display at a time.

Case study:

Ocean Beverages

In the era of AR and CGI & Influencer Marketing. When O’cean Beverages wanted to quench Mumbai’s thirst for something truly unforgettable, they called on Brandonwheelz. We didn’t just deliver a campaign; we reclaimed the streets as our canvas and painted them with towering thirst quenchers – 5-foot O’cean bottles cruising on private cabs. This wasn’t just a sight to behold; it was an interactive game, a social media frenzy, and a testament to the power of audacious creativity.

Ocean beverages Car Wrap Advertising

Mission of the campaign

The primary goal of the “Spot the O’cean car”, This  roadshow is to create an immersive and memorable brand experience for consumers in the vibrant city of Mumbai. We have leveled up cab branding to next level strategically integrating with social media, specifically instagram & engaging games and challenges into the roadshow, we aim to increase brand awareness, foster positive associations with O’cean Beverages, and encourage active participation from the target audience.

Target Audience

Age : 17-30
Category : Sports passionate & Students

Campaign Goal

Enhance Brand Recall: Through interactive games and challenges, we seek to imprint the O’cean brand in the minds of participants, associating it with fun and excitement.

Social Media Buzz: Leverage user-generated content and social media engagement to amplify the reach of the campaign, creating a digital footprint for O’cean.

Community Building: Foster a sense of community and connection among participants by providing them with entertaining and shareable experiences centered around O’cean Beverages and importance of hydrating this season with “Lively Lychee”

Campaign strategies:

O’cean   Beverages partnered with BrandOnWheelz and deployed 900+ branded cabs across Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, and   Pune. We mounted a massive five-feet-tall O’cean Fruit Water Lively Lychee bottle on a fully wrapped O’cean Cab. These cabs then navigated through different hotspots of the cities.

The campaign became a reality on 17th January, when O’cean Lively Lychee   cab   covered   8+   colleges   in   Mumbai   and   sampled   O’cean
bottles to over   3000+   college students and consumers.

The campaign garnered impressions from at least   500k   people on the road during the   8   hours. part from the on-ground impressions
and   the   positive   response   from   students   who   tried   and   enjoyed O’cean Fruit Water Lively Lychee flavor, the digital response has
also been phenomenal!   We   have   garnered   over   100k   digital impressions through   reposts   and   mentions,   and   it’s   been   an
absolute thrill!

Graph 1
The brand’s official Instagram page performance after the launch of our campaign
The Instagram engagement during the campaign
Instagram reel performance during campaign

Client Testimonial

A big thanks to BrandOnWheelz for being awesome partners and sharing in the excitement of our launch.
Chief Growth Officer, O'cean Beverages

Our massive hit car wrap advertising campaign

Our transit media expertise took center stage as we collaborated with the renowned “Ocean Beverages” for an unforgettable Car Wrap Advertising campaign that left a lasting impression all over India.

Witness the journey of our collaboration with Ocean Beverages, a well-known brand that trusted Brandonwheelz to elevate their brand visibility to new heights. Learn how our creative team meticulously designed and executed a captivating car wrap advertising campaign.

 Our massive hit campaign with Ocean Beverages became a talking point across the nation, sparking conversations and generating excitement in every corner. Hear from the key players behind the scenes, including representatives from Ocean Beverages and our dedicated team at Brandonwheelz, as they share insights into the strategic planning and execution that led to this campaign’s phenomenal success.

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What is Car Advertising?

Car Advertising is a form of transit media advertising in India that entails displaying brand advertisements on commercial cabs, including those affiliated with Ola and Uber. This can be executed externally on the four doors or internally, specifically on the backside of the front seat. As the popularity of private taxis continues to rise in major Indian cities such as Bangalore, Jaipur, Mumbai, Bhopal, Kanpur, Nagpur, Chennai, Kochi, Patna, Coimbatore, Kolkata, Pune, Delhi, Kozhikode, Surat, Hyderabad, and Lucknow, car advertising has emerged as a modern form of transit advertising, alongside bus branding, auto ads, and metro advertising.

How much does it cost for a car advertising service in India?

At Brandonwheelz, we recognize the significance of adaptability in advertising. Our pricing varies based on your selected city and the number of cars chosen for your ad campaign. This personalized approach guarantees that you receive the utmost value for your investment.

What is the minimum order quantity?

100 cars

What material that we use?

We use Vinyl and eco-solvent printing for custom graphics and vibrant colors

Do we need to get any special permissions for launching your campaign in specific cities?

Yes, those processes will be taken care of by the Brandonwheelz team.

What is the minimum duration of the campaign?

The minimum duration of the campaign is one month.

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