Auto hood advertising in Bangalore

Auto hood advertising in Bangalore

Auto hood advertising in Bangalore proves to be an incredibly cost-effective and efficient method for widespread branding. With an estimated one million autos transporting millions of passengers daily, brands have significant potential to reach a diverse audience during their commutes. As per industry estimates from reliable sources suggest that the total number of auto rickshaw rides in Bangalore per day reached approximately 360,000-370,000 in 2023. This includes rides booked through renowned apps such as Ola and Uber, highlighting the extensive usage of auto-rickshaws in the city. For businesses seeking optimal visibility, choosing our Auto hood advertising in Bangalore services is a strategic move, as your brand message will seamlessly traverse through the vibrant streets of Bangalore. With the city’s significant reliance on auto-rickshaws for commuting, your advertisement is sure to capture the attention of a diverse and extensive audience.

 The average ride duration between destinations is approximately 29 minutes, allowing time for your message to circulate with passengers. There are 194,000 Auto rickshaws in Bangalore, accounting for licensed auto rickshaws only. Whatshot reports an estimate of 220,000 without specifying the date or whether it includes unlicensed rickshaws.

Adding to the complexity, Deccan Herald, in December 2023, suggests a total of 170,000 auto rickshaws, including both licensed (145,000) and unlicensed (25,000) vehicles. Overall, it can be reasonably concluded that there are likely between 170,000 and 220,000 auto rickshaws in Bangalore Moreover, the relatively low cost of auto advertising compared to other media forms enables brands to achieve maximum visibility with minimal investment.

Auto hood advertising in Bangalore holds particular appeal for small and medium-sized businesses due to its comparatively lower cost. Auto rickshaws are ubiquitous, traversing a diverse range of locations, from highways to remote dirt road alleys. Given that the auto-rickshaw is the most widely used mode of transportation in Bangalore, advertising on these vehicles emerges as the country’s most coveted form of transit advertising. However, the success of Auto hood advertising in Bangalore can be attributed to various factors beyond its prevalence in transportation.

Auto hood advertising in Bangalore facilitates brand reach across one of the most extensive networks, spanning every major region and corner of the city. Passengers, including homemakers, business professionals, students, and tourists, travel via autos enabling effective targeting across diverse segments and ensuring widespread visibility throughout the city.

Brandonwheelz offers auto advertising services across major cities in India, such as Bangalore, Jaipur, Mumbai, Bhopal, Kanpur, Nagpur, Chennai, Kochi, Patna, Coimbatore, Kolkata, Pune, Delhi, Kozhikode, Surat, Hyderabad, and Lucknow. Auto hood advertising in Bangalore is a high-impact, eye-catching, and cost-effective form of transit advertising. Its impact and reach, relative to the expenditure, are substantial, making it an underutilized media channel. Contact us to launch your targeted and cost-effective auto advertising campaign today.

Benefits of Auto hood advertising in Bangalore

Brand Recognition

Creating a strong and easily recognized brand identity is important. It helps people to about tell your brand apart from others in a busy market. A well-known brand makes customers to trust their product or service.

Customer Loyalty

Making a brand popular with auto branding can make people like it a lot. This makes customers more likely to choose your brand for their choice

Resale Value

Vehicles from well-branded manufacturers often have higher resale values because consumers trust the brand’s reputation for quality and reliability.

Product Line Expansion

Moreover, an auto brandingcan support the successful launch of new products or services of your brand line. Additionally, customers are more willing to try new offerings from a brand that they trust.

Customer Advocacy

Happy customers who really like your brand a lot can become supporters. They tell their friends good things about your brand, helping it grow.


Auto branding can help your brand to stay strong even when things are not going well in the economy or the industry. Moreover, a well-known brand is more likely to keep going even when the market is not steady

Global Presence

Auto branding can easily spread your brand all over the cities. This is because people recognize and trust the brand in different areas. Moreover, this recognition and trust are super important for the brand to do well in new markets

Marketing Efficiency

Additionally, Auto branding can your brand well. This marketing method is more efficient and can attract customers organically

Why Brandonwheelz for Auto hood advertising in Bangalore?

Embark on a journey to revolutionize your brand reach experience with Brandonwheelz, like the name we add wheels to your brand and let your brand travel across various parts in Bangalore. Explore the avant-garde methods propelling auto branding into a new era. Moreover, discover how these innovative approaches can elevate your brand’s visibility and engagement.

  • Using Auto rickshaws that circulate in high-traffic areas of cities:
    The main goal for a business owner is to make their brand visible to all people. Auto branding is the most inevitable choice for them. Additionally, Brandonwheelz has a unique blueprint to attract more audience traffic. We use auto-rickshaws circulating in city traffic areas. This method led to tremendous success in transit media advertising, unlocking its real potential.
  • Create Unique visuals and convey the message to the right audience:
    Brandonwheelz has a solid foundation to boost brand presence. Simultaneously, we focus on reaching the right audience. Additionally, our large graphic design team consistently produces phenomenal visuals for auto branding. Brandonwheelz experts are known for creating catchy auto-branding ads. Their unique designs and compelling Call to Action (CTA) encourage immediate audience response, a strategy proven successful for many brands. Check our testimonials for more affirmation.
  • Brandonwheelz focuses on your target audience
    Brandonwheelz conducts thorough groundwork before implementing campaigns. Furthermore, we perform a perfect analysis to target your audience in cities, following the secrets to reach your audience. We will segment your target audience based on relevant factors, entirely depending on your product or service. Afterward, we tailor the message and visuals to resonate with each segment of your audience. Our secret methods ensure the precise delivery of your auto advertisement. This, in turn, provides the ideal opportunity to capture your target audience’s attention and influence immediate decisions.
  • Maximizing brand presence
    We are experts in the transit media industry to ensure your ads are visible in high-exposure areas Where you get maximum visibility. Additionally, our specialized team carefully selects prime locations for auto rickshaws, maximizing your brand presence.

We understand city mobility through data analysis, ensuring ads go viral. We utilize specific area rickshaws based on your ad, maximizing your brand impact with a fixed budget.

Tips for auto hood advertising in Bangalore

Auto branding is affordable for all classes of business owners. Brandonwheelz uses the secret mantra “Reach mass audience in a smart way” which helps us to stand out in individual places in the transit media industry.

Cost-effective auto branding:
To reach all business owners, we offer our services at a competitive price. Throughout Chennai, Brandonwheelz is the exclusive transit media advertising agency with extensive experience in auto branding campaigns. We offer a range of affordable auto branding options.

Advertise repeatedly:
Throughout the years, many business owners have chosen us for auto branding. The key reason is that your ad will be consistently displayed to the target audience. This repetition in advertising significantly contributes to the success of your campaign and enhances your target audience’s growth. Imagine people, in busy city streets, repeatedly becoming familiar with your brand, thereby drastically increasing visibility.

Clear message:
Craft a concise and straightforward brand message to ensure it’s easily remembered. We avoid disorganization in advertising, as it can lead to unnecessary costs.

Compelling Visuals:
Capture the attention of passers-by by employing vibrant colors and engaging visuals in your displays.

Reach-out Info:
Provide your website or contact information in the ad to facilitate potential customer outreach.

Festive Deals:
Update your advertisements to showcase seasonal offers or promotions, ensuring your campaign stays current and pertinent.

Evaluate and Modify:
Continuously assess the effectiveness of your campaign and make necessary adjustments.

Unknowns of Auto hood advertising in Bangalore

  • Auto hood advertising in Bangalore for business owners
    In recent times, numerous websites have opted to display their advertisements on these omnipresent vehicles. “Our experience with advertising on the back of auto-rickshaws has been phenomenal. The results surpassed our expectations.” said by Faisal I Farooqui, the founder and chief executive of MouthShut. He expressed immense satisfaction with the results of advertising on the rear of auto-rickshaws,
  • Auto advertising as an unorganized sector
    Auto advertising in Bangalore is an unorganized sector but Brandonwheelz has carefully addressed this and found an innovative solution for this gap. They have deployed designated teams right from the research and insights team to operations to place your brand effectively. This has given us extra mileage to come up with creative and innovative campaign ideas for the brand thus helping the brand to have maximum exposure.

  • Auto owner’s Income.
    An Auto Driver in the middle of their career, with 4-9 years of experience, earns an annual average salary of ₹1.7 Lakhs. Meanwhile, an experienced Auto Driver with 10-20 years of experience earns an average salary of ₹1.3 Lakhs per year. When the advertisement is displayed on their auto it will boost their income as an additional source.


  • Auto verse for branding
    Auto advertising in Bangalore is used not only for brand promotions but also used for promotions (other sectors, such as IPL, Cinemas, Music Events/DJ parties add more prominent activities etc) The use of auto advertising has become very widespread. Informing events, movie releases, political campaigns etc.,

Top Places for Auto hood Advertising in Bangalore

As per the research tier I cities such as Bangalore boast an extensive fleet of over 50,000 auto-rickshaws and the overall vehicle population in Bangalore is reported to be 1.11 crore, with a notable contribution from passenger auto-rickshaws. While the precise figures for auto-rickshaws weren’t specified, it underscores their significant presence in the city.

Considering this vast network of auto-rickshaws, Bangalore emerges as a prime hub for auto advertising, offering unparalleled opportunities to reach a massive audience. With a citywide vehicle population exceeding one crore, the potential reach of auto advertising becomes substantial. This medium presents a unique and effective way to promote various types of content, ensuring that your message resonates with a diverse and widespread audience.

Auto hood advertising in Bangalore extends beyond traditional promotional avenues, offering a dynamic platform for any kind of promotion. Whether it’s product launches, event announcements, or brand awareness campaigns, leveraging auto-rickshaws for advertising endeavors provides a cost-effective and impactful means to connect with the city’s diverse demographic. The sheer ubiquity of auto-rickshaws in Bangalore makes them a mobile billboard, enabling advertisers to tap into the pulse of the city and engage with a broad spectrum of potential consumers.

KR Puram

KR Puram stands as a pivotal transportation hub in Bangalore, strategically hosting both rail and bus terminals within close proximity. Positioned along the Outer Ring Road, this area witnesses a constant and substantial flow of traffic throughout the day. The convergence of various modes of transportation, coupled with the presence of key retail spaces like Gopalan Mall, makes KR Puram one of the busiest areas in Bangalore.

The incessant traffic movement, driven by the influx of people visiting the retail spaces and utilizing the transportation facilities, leads to significant congestion in the vicinity. Amidst this bustling environment, KR Puram emerges as a prime location for strategic auto advertising campaigns. As part of our services at Brandonwheelz Transit Media Company, we leverage the unique dynamics of this busy locale to ensure mass engagement with your brand.

Our auto advertising solutions in KR Puram tap into the heavy traffic inflow and outflow, capitalizing on the diverse crowd attracted by retail spaces like Gopalan Mall. By strategically placing ads on auto-rickshaws circulating in this high-traffic zone, we guarantee widespread visibility for your brand. The constant movement of these mobile billboards ensures that your message reaches a vast audience, enhancing audience engagement and brand recall in the midst of KR Puram’s vibrant and bustling atmosphere.


Majestic, the bustling transit hub at the heart of Bangalore’s public transport network, serves as a dynamic stage for Brandonwheelz. Operating ceaselessly 24/7, Majestic is a lively confluence of inter-city trains, intercity buses, and intra-city buses, shaping a bustling marketplace like no other. This vibrant locale provides Brandonwheelz with a captivating audience – millions strong, diverse, and thoroughly engaged.

Envision your brand message boldly displayed across a fleet of auto-rickshaws gracefully navigating the vibrant tapestry of Majestic. These vehicles become mobile billboards, capturing the attention of captive eyes awaiting connecting journeys. From tourists to office workers, students to families, Majestic encapsulates a microcosm of Bangalore in motion, placing your target audience within arm’s reach.

The power of the crowd comes to life in Majestic. With millions traversing the hub daily, your brand enjoys a massive reach that surpasses the limitations of traditional media. Tailor your message for specific demographics or destinations, ensuring targeted engagement that maximizes impact. The frequent crisscrossing of autos in the area guarantees repeated brand exposure, solidifying recall, while the 24/7 visibility ensures your advertising captivates attention day and night in Majestic’s ever-active atmosphere.


Silk Board stands as a formidable presence in Bangalore, representing a crossroads where the bustling IT hubs of south and east Bangalore intersect with vibrant residential areas, creating a whirlwind of activity. Beyond being a mere traffic hotspot, Silk Board is a melting pot of opportunity for Brandonwheelz.

Envision your brand message prominently displayed across auto-rickshaws traversing the diverse and dynamic landscape of Silk Board. This strategic convergence point attracts a captive audience exceeding millions, from tech professionals on their daily grind to families running errands and commuters navigating the bustling intersection. This is a unique opportunity to cut through the noise and connect with the beating heart of Bangalore.

At the intersection of Silk Board, Brandonwheelz leverages the power of targeted reach by allowing you to focus your message on specific demographics or destinations, reaching the ideal customer amidst the throng. From young professionals to established families, the auto-rickshaws capture multiple audiences, ensuring diverse demographic coverage in one fell swoop. With autos weaving through the traffic, your brand gains frequent exposure, building recognition in the minds of the audience. Silk Board’s activity never ceases, offering high visibility for your advertising day and night.

Chickpet and KR Market

Dive into the heart of Bangalore’s commerce and culture with Chickpet and KR Market, an inseparable duo that creates a vibrant tapestry of humanity. KR Market, a bustling hub of wholesale trade, resonates with energy as buyers and sellers engage in lively negotiations, spanning everything from spices to electronics. Right alongside, Chickpet unfolds its allure—a shopper’s haven adorned with dazzling textiles, exquisite silks, and gleaming jewellery. Together, these twin engines of commerce attract crowds consistently, providing Brandonwheelz an unparalleled stage.

Imagine your brand making a statement on a fleet of auto-rickshaws maneuvering through the lively maze of these markets. Whether it’s savvy entrepreneurs, discerning shoppers, or curious tourists, the diverse audience with open wallets and receptive minds presents a unique opportunity for your brand to shine amidst the bustling commercial spirit of Bangalore.

In the marketplace, Brandonwheelz leverages the power of targeted demographics, allowing you to tailor your message to specific shopper profiles or product categories, reaching the ideal customer within the lively crowd. Surrounded by commerce, the audience is primed to make purchases, making them receptive to relevant brand messaging. Autos gracefully navigate through the markets, ensuring repeated exposure for your brand and immediate recall. With shoppers often spending extended periods exploring, your message has ample time to resonate with this captive audience.

Beyond mere visibility, Brandonwheelz integrates your brand into the market experience with interactive promotions. Chickpet and KR Market evolve from chaos into an opportunity for meaningful brand connection with Brandonwheelz.


Marathahalli isn’t just a mere location; it serves as a microcosm of Bangalore’s dynamic spirit. Nestled strategically between burgeoning IT hubs and bustling residential areas, Marathahalli attracts a diverse mix of young professionals, families, and individuals from all walks of life. This convergence of commerce, convenience, and connectivity creates an ideal platform for brands seeking widespread engagement, and Brandonwheelz. Transit Media is poised to unlock its full potential.

Visualize your brand message adorning a fleet of auto-rickshaws, gracefully navigating the vibrant streets of Marathahalli. From young tech professionals heading to work and families running errands to residents seeking entertainment, this captive audience exceeds millions, offering a diverse and constantly moving canvas. Seize the opportunity to tap into the heart of Marathahalli’s energy and leave a lasting impression.

The Power of Mobility takes center stage in Marathahalli, where auto-rickshaws permeate every nook and cranny, ensuring your brand reaches hidden pockets and diverse demographics. The sheer number of autos guarantees repeated brand interactions, fostering familiarity and trust among the audience. Tailor your message to specific resident groups or business areas, maximizing impact within your ideal audience. With Marathahalli never sleeping, your advertising enjoys 24/7 visibility, capturing attention day and night.

Beyond mere visibility, Brandonwheelz goes a step further by creating interactive experiences. Utilize geo-fencing technology for location-based promotions, triggering targeted messages or offers as riders enter specific areas. Launch gamified campaigns with contests or polls on autos to drive engagement and enhance brand recall. Marathahalli’s mobility transforms into your communication playground with Brandonwheelz. Your brand isn’t just seen; it’s experienced, remembered, and shared. Unlock the full potential of this dynamic neighborhood, turning riders into your most vocal advocates.

MG Road

MG Road isn’t just bustling; it vibrates with an irresistible blend of old-world charm and modern dynamism. Picture British-era architecture adorned with neon lights, lively cafes overflowing onto colonial streets, and shoppers navigating a kaleidoscope of experiences. In this melting pot of history, entertainment, and commerce, Brandonwheelz thrives.

Envision your brand message gracing a fleet of auto-rickshaws gracefully navigating the dynamic energy of MG Road. Whether it’s fashionistas exploring boutiques, office workers grabbing lunch, or tourists seeking cultural gems, the diverse audience, millions strong, all share a moment on MG Road. This presents your unique opportunity to tap into the heart of Bangalore’s cultural heartbeat and create a lasting impression.

The allure of the street comes alive as auto-rickshaws weave through every nook and cranny, ensuring your brand reaches hidden pockets and diverse demographics. The sheer number of autos guarantees repeated brand interactions, fostering familiarity and trust. Tailor your message to specific areas or interests, be it Brigade Road shoppers or Church Street diners, maximizing the impact of your brand exposure on MG Road’s captivating streets.

Varieties of auto hood advertisements in Bangalore:

We have auto branding services with innovative features. The way that we design the auto branding ads will be registered strongly in the minds of the visitors.

  • Auto Cabin branding:
    Brandonwheelz strategically selects specific auto rickshaws based on our well-defined strategies. Inside auto branding aims to effectively capture the attention of auto travelers.
    Your message takes center stage inside the auto rickshaw, ensuring maximum impact and brand recall. This type of ad significantly increases the likelihood of making your ads register strongly in the minds of auto travelers, leading to brand retention. Your ads will be positioned at the back of the driver’s seat.
    The auto rickshaws traverse important streets, bazaars, and markets, resonating your brand with potential customers in the cities. We utilize sunboard materials to craft these ad designs inside the auto, ensuring a visually appealing and memorable brand presentation.
  • Auto back ads:

    Auto Back Ads refer to branding advertisements strategically placed on the rear side of autos. These ads, characterized by their smaller size, offer a cost-effective solution for businesses looking to enhance visibility through auto advertising. By utilizing the backside of autos as advertising space, businesses can efficiently convey their message to a broader audience at a relatively lower cost compared to other advertising methods. This approach not only ensures affordability but also makes it a practical choice for those seeking impactful and budget-friendly branding opportunities.
  • Auto hood ads
    Auto Hood Advertising offers an innovative and dynamic approach to brand promotion. Engaging auto-rickshaw travelers, these ads also captivate an outside audience, attracting a vast customer base. The bespoke and eye-catching auto wrap maximizes your brand visibility.
    Choosing high-traffic areas ensures optimal exposure for our auto hood ads, reaching a diverse city audience. The ad banner covers the back and side of the auto, providing complete visibility. Our use of water-resistant rexine material ensures durability, maintaining the ad’s pristine appearance.

What is auto advertising?

Utilizing auto-rickshaws for branding is a strategy. Businesses can reach a broader audience and enhance brand awareness. This entails affixing posters leaflets, billboards, and stickers onto the vehicle’s body.


What is auto-rickshaw advertising, and how can it benefit my business?

Auto-rickshaw advertising involves placing advertisements on the exterior of auto-rickshaws. It can benefit your business by providing high visibility in busy urban areas and reaching a diverse audience.

Which cities in India do you serve for auto-rickshaw advertising campaigns?

We provide auto-rickshaw advertising services in major cities across India, such as Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata, and Chennai, as well as many other urban areas.

How can I get started with an auto-rickshaw advertising campaign with your agency?

Starting a campaign is easy. Contact us, and our team will help you with the design, placement, and scheduling of your auto-rickshaw ads to ensure maximum impact.

How much does auto-rickshaw advertising with your agency cost?
  • Pricing varies based on factors like the type of ad, campaign duration, and location. Please reach out to us for a personalized quote.

Can I track the performance of my auto-rickshaw advertising campaign?

Yes, we offer reporting and analytics to help you measure the success of your campaign, including increased brand awareness and engagement.

What makes your agency stand out in the field of auto-rickshaw advertising?

We have extensive experience in this niche, and our dedicated team is committed to delivering exceptional results for your brand through creative and strategic auto-rickshaw advertising.

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