What are the best Out Of Home (OOH) Advertising Channels

What are the best Out Of Home (OOH) Advertising Channels

With the question of the death of Out of Home Advertisement has been debunked, let’s explore what channels do marketers have at their disposal for their next advertising campaign. There are advantages and disadvantages of each channel and you have to choose your channel according to what’s your end goal and your target audience. 

The major advantages which the Out of Home (OOH) advertising campaigns provide are:

  • Offline Presence
  • Easy Location-based targeting
  • Wider Reach
  • No cap on impressions
  • Has worked for a long time, but its effect has still not diminished.

With plenty of advantages going for Out Of Home (OOH) Advertising, let’s explore what options a marketer has and what are the best options for them to achieve their targets.

  1. Car Wrap Advertising

The latest iteration in the long history of Out Of Home (OOH) advertisement. Car Wrap Advertisement has evolved to have it all. With the distribution spread of Flyer Advertisement and impression impact of Billboard Advertisement.


  • Ability to get close to your target audience and be a part of their everyday lives.
  • Can reach the whole city in a single advertising campaign.
  • Provides the maximum impact of any offline advertising campaign.
  • Can reach residential areas and office areas, which is difficult to do with any other form of Out of Home Advertisements.
  • With BrandOnWheelz, you will also be able to track key marketing metrics such as impressions, ROI and


  • It ends.
  1. Billboard Advertising

Billboard Advertisement is great at creating impressions but should be aptly positioned to have any significant impact. And unlike car advertising campaigns, you have to pay exponentially more to display your advertisements throughout the city. Too many hassles to make it a success.


  • A huge number of impressions, if done right.
  • Can be placed in high traffic locations. Though it will cost significantly more.


  • Should be placed aptly to have any significant advertising effect.
  • Is prohibitively expensive for the impact it provides. 
  • It is subject to many local laws and regulations.
  1. Point of Sale Displays

These types of advertisements are designed to sell. It is suitable for low-cost products to influence customers when they are in the process of purchasing. Point of Sale Displays are good as a marketing tactic, but score low on every other metric.   


  • Great for influencing customers at the end stage of the buying process.


  • Poor to no effect on all the other marketing metrics.
  • Can be used more as a tactic than the main marketing strategy.
  1. Furniture Advertising

Not as popular and almost non-existent in India. Furniture advertising is a novel way to display your advertisements. Though it has a great impact on customers, most are not receptive to it after some time as the utilities on which the ads exist tend to get used less over time. This can be primarily attributed to symbolic issues, for example, people are often uncomfortable using street benches with ads on them. Important cues such as danger and other important signs are also observed to be ignored or noticed less if there are any ads near them. 


  • Great for creating an impact on customers.


  • People are less receptive of them over time.
  • Has the potential to cause public hazards.
  1. Flyer Advertising

Has high distribution potential and reach. Flyer Advertising can reach people near enough for them to take personal notice. But due to its intrusive and uninvited nature, people are usually annoyed when they receive it. Also, a lot of field agents need to be employed to reach out to many people. 


  • High distribution potential and reach
  • Can reach the audience on a personal level.


  • People are not receptive of it.
  • Requires a large number of field agents to have a necessary impact.
  • Flyer Advertisements don’t last long.
  1. Experiential or Event Marketing

Events have always been a major part of human civilisation. And lately, Brands have started taking notice of its potential to make a big impact. Experiential Marketing combined with technology has totally revolutionised this space. The major drawbacks are it’s very expensive and though it is suitable for product launches, extensive press coverage must be required to have any significant impact. 


  • Can create a huge impact and improve the brand reach.
  • Great for product launches.


  • It is expensive.
  • Can involve only less number of people.
  • Must be accompanied by extensive press coverage to have any significant long term impact
  1. Bus Advertising

Though it may seem like a good choice to go for Bus Branding on the outset, it is anything but. Out of all the Out Of Home Advertising mediums, Bus Branding is the least appealing of all. Bus Advertisement has a wide reach and can garner impressions, but are often dirty and poorly maintained. In addition to that, buses are seen as a budget option for the masses, not something most aspire to. So it makes little sense to go for Bus Advertisement unless impressions are your only goal, and have little concern about the drop in brand value.


  • Only suitable to obtain impressions.


  • Guaranteed drop in the brand value.

Out Of Home Advertising is constantly evolving and there are major channels opening up all the time. Car Advertising is the latest iteration of Out Of Home (OOH) advertising with all the advantages of other advertising channels in this space. To get your advertisements on cars, call 9066774457 or send email to knowmore@playonwheelz.com.

Create Effective Advertisement using Semiotics

Create Effective Advertisement using Semiotics

As a marketer, it is tempting to appeal to the logical side of your customers. For example, “Hey look at this awesome set of safety features! This makes us the safest car manufacturer in the industry.”. Sometimes, it works too. Simple, and to the point. But as you may know, customers are not purely rational beings, they rarely make decisions using logic alone. They desire status, recognition and likability along with benefits which your brand provides. And by using a purely logical approach, your ads aren’t as powerful as they can be. We will explore how semiotics can help you create effective advertisements.

So how do you make an ad, which combines product message and appeals to the emotional, or to be more precise, the subconscious side as well? Some marketers tackle this by implementing semiotics. Semiotics is the study of signs and symbols. It has a huge scope in the academic field, and a marketer can take a leaf or two out of this interesting subject for their advertising campaign. 

The mind of the Buyer

Due to information overload in this age, a typical buyer has put his subconscious mind in charge of filtering out only those information that matters to them at that particular time. For example, 

” I need the latest product in the market, I will be cool to show it off to my friends.”

“Will this gift be good enough for the guest?”

The two filtering criteria in these two statements are “latest” and “good”. To stand out, you need to bypass or appeal to these subconscious filters. And stating the benefits of your product alone won’t be enough to reach out to them. This is where being aware of the symbolism of your ads helps. 

To help you start on this journey. We list out a few tips which might help improve the symbolism of your ad. And help it reach out to your audience who are in need of your product. The tips are classified into text and visuals aspects of the ad:

Effective Advertising

The Text for Effective Advertisement

1. Say more with few words

Text is bad. The more words your ad has, the less appealing it becomes, with a few exceptions. To complement the lack of text, use powerful images or illustrations that reflect the qualities of your brand and product. The intended qualities can be in the form of visual elements, such as smiling faces to indicate happy customers or fresh and clean produce near your food product to reflect “freshness”.

2. The ad should talk to your customer

Most of the failed ads fall into two categories: straight-up poor quality ads and great ads which don’t cater to any audience. To target your audience, design an ad which caters to a single person, even if it is going to be shown to millions of people. The conversation should be in a simple tone and in a friendly manner. Most brands tend to use an authoritative tone, which decreases the effectiveness of the ad. Because as an individual, the ad would appear as cold and distant to your customer.

Creative Ad

The visuals for Effective Advertisement

3. Have a focal point

Ads without a dominating feature or focal point would fail to gain the attention of the viewer in most cases. Interface designers understand the importance of visual hierarchy because they are the primary indicators of the user’s journey in their interfaces, leading them to the intended destinations. But for advertisers, the viewer’s journey isn’t given much importance due to their deemed irrelevancy for effective advertisement. 

The focal point of the ad can be the image or the main text. The focal point usually takes the most space in the ad, hence that be dominating enough to gain the attention of your semi focused viewer.

4. Effective Advertisements make judicious use of patterns

Humans have evolved to recognise patterns. Your audience is looking for them everywhere. In essence, putting a recognisable pattern increases the odds of your ads being viewed significantly. A great way to create a pattern is to group similar or related objects and make effective use of whitespace.

5. Colour as a signifier

Colours have different meanings in different regions. In some places, white signifies purity while in others, it is associated with death. In most places, green means progress and red symbolise decline. To make a symbolic ad, understand what each colour means in the target geographic region to improve the significance of your ad.

Why does it matter?

Symbolic Ads builds trust. Ad design has a significant say in your customers’ perception of your brand. In a study, more than 80% of the participants cited design-related issues such as colour, text and feel are the primary influencers of the reduced trust in their initial exposure to an advertisement. Symbolic design is the key to making the first impression. For people to trust your brand, make a symbolic and neat design that makes an instantaneous connection with the audience searching for the service or the product they are looking for.


As discussed earlier, people pay attention only to those ads which are relevant to them at the time of their need. To create an effective ad, identify your primary audience and the qualities in the desired product they are looking for. Design your ads with the visual elements that represent those qualities and optimise for it. You will have a winner in your hand. Find a helpful infographic for semiotics analysis at the end of the page. Hope our mini-guide will help you create effective advertisements in future.

BrandOnWheelz is India’s leading car advertising company. If you would have ads on cars throughout India, contact us at 9066774457 or send an email to knowmore@playonwheelz.com

role of colors in advertising
Offline Advertising isn’t Dead

Offline Advertising isn’t Dead

Offline Advertising

Offline Advertising

The Rise of Digital Marketing

The rise of digital medium has affected most aspects of our lives, it is no wonder that everyone wants to capture a piece of this shiny new opportunity. And they are not wrong, digital marketing is indeed powerful and most of us have largely benefited from it. There are tons of channels which digital marketing has opened up for marketers to connect with their customers. But alongside this narrative, a notion has developed that digital marketing will replace the traditional form of offline marketing. Which is true, but only to an extent.

The decline of traditional marketing, statista graph

What digital marketing lacks

We agree, we too have benefitted from this relatively new form of marketing medium. Having a digital strategy has helped us greatly complement our overall marketing strategy. But unfortunately, it isn’t the magic pill that everyone believes it to be. While there are many voices and champions supporting the advent of the digital revolution, we would like to put forth some points that offline marketing still has some legs to stand on which can’t be replaced by digital marketing for a long time to come. Here are some of the things we believe the traditional form of marketing still trumps over the digital medium and in some cases, by several degrees.

 1. People don’t spend their lives inside their mobiles

Though it might surprise some, it is indeed a fact that people don’t spend their lives inside their mobiles. According to statistics, an average adult in a developed country (significantly less in developing countries) spends around 5.9 hours looking at their mobile phones, though high, it still accounts for just 30% of their waking hours. Leaving plenty of time to influence your customers through offline means.   

 2. Harder to build offline brands with just online advertising

With the exception of e-commerce websites, people primarily visit websites and apps to consume content. To make a lasting impression on them, your ad must compete with the content for which they are on the website for, which as an increasingly difficult thing to pull off. Building a significant offline presence can go a long way toward building your brand and having that personal connection with your customers.

3. Competition for Eyeballs

In digital marketing, you have to compete for digital spaces and eyeballs with companies from all over the world and from across the industries. Even with a success leading to a high impression rate, it is not a guarantee that viewers would have paid any particular attention to your advertisement. This is a particular concern with digital advertising, where most people consider your advertisement as a necessary evil to get their desired content for free rather than something which would add value to their lives or business.

 4. Easy to block you off

Adblockers are popular and are here to stay for a long time to come. Though adblockers don’t directly affect the revenue of the advertisers as it does to the content creators. They do contribute to the loss in the opportunity to make an impression on your potential customers. With offline marketing, there are no such issues and you are ensured of the required impressions of your targeted audience.

 5. Appealing to more senses

One often ignored fact in digital vs offline debate is the fact that there are limitations in the number of senses digital medium can engage. Digital marketers must work towards maximising their visual and rarely auditory impact to create the necessary impression on the minds of their target audience. With offline advertisement, marketers have much more freedom and options to make such a lasting impact on the minds of their target audience.


Like all things, Traditional Marketing is evolving

Despite all the points listed out, we can’t deny that digital marketing is eating into offline marketing. But we often make the mistake of clubbing all offline marketing in a single basket. In other words, digital marketing is replacing only those kinds of advertising whose industries are being replaced by the digital space itself. Television advertisement and newspaper advertisements budgets are getting eaten by digital marketing because viewers are migrating from these spaces to online spaces. Essentially replacing the industries itself.

Outdoor advertising Trend Graph by PressOn

Outdoor Advertising is far from dead. In fact, it is evolving and expanding to include new avenues and spaces. Experiential Marketing is beginning to see a new vigour and growth by combining with technology, which has a higher Return on Investment than even high performing digital marketing channels such as Email Marketing and Social Media. When you think of outdoor advertisement, billboard advertisement might be the first thing that comes to your mind, but even this space is witnessing a revolution.


Ridesharing apps such as Ola, Uber and Bounce have seen tremendous growth which has led to a significant number of cabs and scooter throughout the urban areas in the country. To capitalise on such a large amount of visible marketing estate, they started selling these spaces to advertisers to showcase their brands. For Ola car advertisement and Uber brand advertisement, you can contact BrandOnWheelz, India’s most Trusted Car Advertising Company.



To reach out to people, Brands need to leverage various marketing channels and understand the best way to engage with them. For some, focusing solely on digital advertising channel might be the right move. But often, companies see their competitors take over by focusing on the wrong channels and spending a significant amount of time and money to make little impact on the market. Outdoor Marketing is far from dead, for some it might the best channel to market and engage with their customers. Digital Marketing is among the future, not the future.

How to Make Your Product Stand Out With Brand Advertising

How to Make Your Product Stand Out With Brand Advertising

Have you ever looked at a successful brand and thought “Why is my brand lagging so behind?”; Have you tried all means of advertising for your brand and still had no success?Well you’ve come to the right post.This is the post where you will find a solution to all your advertising problems.

Yes, In today’s world Digital Advertising is quite popular but who really clicks on ads anyway? And even if some people did, with the current competition in the  digital media- What are the odds that your ad will reach the customers you want to target?
Now I present a solution to you-Did you know 70% of people in a metropolitan city travel daily, either to get to their office or to get back home.
The First type of advertising I’m going to talk about is :

 Car Advertising: There are lakhs of Ola’s and Uber’s running around in India. Promoting your brand in these cabs which move around the whole city could surely win you, customers. Car advertising is not so popular in India as of yet and it is the right time to explore this field and make the most of it. And if you’ve read till here and wondering- “how to do car advertising?” Don’t worry we’ve got this covered for you.

BrandOnWheelz are the leading ad agency for car advertising and we are the only company that guarantee you “Highest Brand Visibility” and not just that, do you want to track where all your brand advertisement has traveled?? With the GPS Tracking feature from BrandOnWheelz you can track your advertisement and know its location with ease.

Someone once said “Just be catchy and you will capture everyone’s attention.”
The next Brand Advertising I’m going to tell you is all about being catchy.

  • Drone Advertising: Imagine your brand advertisement flying around in shopping centers and malls, just capturing everyone’s attention. Wouldn’t that be cool? That’s exactly what we do with drone advertising. Best part about drone advertising is that you get a lot of attention from a single campaign which is good enough to win you a lot of customers. Drone advertising is a new and exciting way to take traditional banner advertising to a whole new level. Ads On Drone from BrandOnWheelz provides a whole new level of innovative service for our clients that gets them an unprecedented level of exposure and visibility.

So are you looking for exposure and visibility? Are you worried about Brand Advertising? BrandOnWheelz is a solution to all your brand advertising problems.

The Brand Advertising That Wins Customers- BrandOnWheelz

The Brand Advertising That Wins Customers- BrandOnWheelz

Is your brand having a tough time capturing customers’ attention?

Is it getting difficult for you to build strong relationships with the customers? Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place.
BrandOnWheelz is a leading advertising agency in Bangalore guaranteeing you the “Highest Outdoor Brand Visibility”. Whether you are planning to launch a product or If you’re planning to launch a movie. No matter what it is, we can help you with it.

Flight wraap with car

BrandOnWheelz helps you with the following forms of Brand Advertising:
Car Advertising: All our clients get the highest visibility when it comes to our Car Outdoor Advertising (OOH). Our Cars travel 165 km+ covering all major areas and main junctions in just 1 day.  With BrandOnWheelz you can target more than 30 Crore people a month. 

  • Benefits of using BrandOnWheelz over other competitors:
    1. Target your audience, as all our Fleets are equipped with GPS devices.
    2. Brand Exposure to Remote.
duroflex Advertising

Inside Car Advertising: All our Taxi fleet is connected to our Smart Application and we can run your brand/Videos on this application.

  • Benefits of using BrandOnWheelz over other competitor

– Centralized Server: If you want us to make a few changes and update a few things. We can update it quickly for you.
– Geographic Location: Again, if you want to target a certain set of audience. We could do it for you.​

Insiide car advertising

Brands on Sky:  BrandOnWheelz provides two types of advertising flight advertisement.
Flight Wrap: Want to create a buzz in the market? You’ve come to the right place. Exterior advertisement graphics are the first message passengers see when they approach the aircraft, and it creates a bold visual impact for all airport passengers and personnel. So, if you’re looking to advertise with a flight wrap. We can do it for you.

Full flight wrap with Sir Rajni Thaliva Poster

Inflight Advertisements: Advertise your brand and offering by placing your brand on the product catalogue, Advertising on Tray table, Water cup or Meal of the day package.

Inside Car advertisement

Want to win customers with Brand Advertising? BrandOnWheelz is the perfect platform for you!!